Monday, May 4, 2009

Wag N Walk

This weekend we participated in our local SPCA Wag n' Walk.  Hundreds of people and dogs walked to raise money for homeless pets.  We woke up early and got our rain jackets on 
because the weather wasn't too good.  
Luckily it stayed dry and we got to do the walk.  Mom's friend Vanessa (in the pink sweatshirt) joined us because mom didn't think she'd be 
able to handle both of us around so many other dogs.  We surprised mom though and behaved better than ever.  We got to meet so many new friends. W
e also met so many other dogs that looked like us, other black pugs and bostons, that we don't usually see on our normal walks.  There were tiny dogs, big dogs, and huge dogs.  We had a very long walk, mom took off our jackets since it didn't rain because we got hot really fast. There was a spot where we got water and biscuits and got to rest.
  We had a lot of fun at the Wag n' walk.  We also got some tennis balls to take home and mom got a shirt. 
 There was music and lunch and lots of people having a good time and most importantly it was to raise money for a good cause.  We look foward to doing it again next year.  

Lots of licks,

Oak and Swish