Friday, May 20, 2011

Belated Birthday Bundle!

Happy friday night everyone...

Yes I am happy. I am happy because my girl Coco sent me a belated birthday package the other day and yesterday I indulged!

I was all over this box like 'dog hair on everything'! Bol

I smell treats. I see treats...

...but first my card. Wow, check out the creativity of this handcrafted card. What a lucky dog I am.
...ok, OMD so many TREATS! Coco sent us two bags full of HOMEMADE goodies. One bag was full of Carob Covered Crunchies and the other was Peanut Butter and Banana biscuits (She even included the recipes so we could make them here at home as well. So thoughtful.) and...

... we also got a couple of Flossies.
These things are neat looking!

...and a Greenies.
Ohhh. For minty fresh breath with my little lady. I'll take this.

There were so many treats that looked crazy delicious, I almost forgot there were more presents! Not only is my girl creative, she's also crafty.. I got this stylish personalized bandana scarf!
Can you see my name sewn in? PAWESOME!

And the gifts just keep coming... we got 2 Chubby Buddies!
Soft enough for me. Durable enough for Oak. Perfect ladies.

If what we got wasn't enough, there were 2 way cool shirts added to all this fun stuff. I decided to keep this one for myself because being the older and wiser one, I am totally the leader of this pack.

Oakley's shirt says "YOU go fetch". Bol.

That was an absolutely pawsitively pawesome gift Coco. You really showed this fella some love on his birthday. Thank you so much. And Oakley says thank you as well for including him in all this fun!

A birthday thank you SMOOCH to you pretty pooch!

Lots of Licks,

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to Mom!

Hi Everyone out there in blog land..

We would like to dedicate this blog to our Mom today. Mom is super special to us and we think she deserves it. Especially since this past Friday was Mom's...
...Birthday. We're not exactly sure what that means, but we think she gets a bath for her birthday. She turned the big 3-0. The celebration started on Thursday night. Mom and Aunt V went to dinner before watching the Sharks game. We spoke to Aunt V and said "make sure the restaurant makes Mom wear a funny hat too. Bol."

Then Mom got an early birthday present that night when the San Jose Sharks beat the Detroit Red Wings in game 7 of their playoff series. OMD was it an intense game! Even we were on the edge of our seats!

(please excuse bad flash phone photo)

We wanna say thanks to our buddy's Salinger's Detroit Red Wings for a GREAT game. No reason to talk mess. It was just plain good quality competition. We extend our paw out to you Sal, just like the Sharks captain Joe Thorton did to the Red Wings...
... and say we can't wait to do it again next year.

We got together with Aunt V and asked her if she could make Mom a special birthday cake. One with NO chocolate of course, so we could have some.

We lit the birthday candles and barked along as well as we could to the birthday song. We got Mom some baboons, er I mean balloons, just like she got Swisher for his birthday.

Mom said this place is starting to look like Party City with all these balloons and cards everywhere. Mom and Swisher are competing for shelf space from all the love they've received. We saved up our pawlowance and bought this for Mom. She bought us San Jose Sharks dog tags, and we thought it was only fair she could support our Sharkies everywhere she went too!

Then on Saturday Mom said she was going somewhere called Dave and Buster's. She said it was like a big arcade place for grown ups, and that she would bring us something back. Luck must've been on her side for her birthday because she won the jackpot!

And she brought us back a Scooby Doo.
I'm keeping this. Swish had a bday. Mom had a bday. Mines too far away. Yeah, I'm keeping this.

We told Mom that since it was her birthday, she needed to splurge on herself a little. So she did some shopping, and look what she found...


Mom said she almost bought this hat for me, because it was Sharks colors, but she knew I wouldn't wear it because I don't like things on my ears.

I think I TOTALLY would wear that!

Mom said she had a great birthday. She pawsitvely loved our gifts we gave her, the cake, and said we're the bestest dogs she could ask for. We think she's pretty pawesome too!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Lots of Birthday Licks,
Swisher and Oakley

Pee.S. Special thanks to Aunt V for helping us with this post.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Wag n' Walk

Hey blogger furiends...

Like we had mentioned in our last post, this weekend was filled with fun activities. First was Swisher's birthday, and second was the annual Wag n' Walk. This past Saturday was the 3rd year in a row we have participated and are happy to contribute. The event is a 2-4 mile walk benefiting the SPCA for the Monterey County. This fundraiser helps our SPCA care for more than 5,500 homeless animals each year.

We like to do the walk because it's a great cause, we have so much fun, and we get to meet lots of new pups and people! Like this little girl.. she wanted to take me home 'cause she said I was cute. But Mom said no. Bol.

We like to wear fun shirts to the walk...

But my brother pee'd all over his shirt so he got to sport a pretty cool scarf.

Some take it to the next level ... A Bride.

A Bumblbee.

Hula dancer.

A Gypsy?


We met big friends.

Little friends.

Look-a-like friends.
Hey you look like my brother Swish.

I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her...
Kitty?? No, my girl is cuter.
(No offense, Boston. Yes her name was Boston.)

And possible 'future family' friends.
(Mom wants a Frenchie)

I don't think Swisher would mind another pup in the house...
...but then I wouldn't be the baby anymore.
I don't know about this.

I'm not sure this guy understands the point of the WALK.
Mighty big pup.

Through out the walk there are pit stops, for treats and water. I don't like to drink out of water bowls that other dogs have been drinking out of, so Mom has to pour water in a cup and let me drink from there.

How much longer is this walk anyway? Ok let's head back.

All participants receive lunch snack bags, and Mom and Aunt V shared with us.

There's also an agility coarse that I have yet to try. I don't know, looks a little dangerous.
Swisher tried to coach me through, but I wouldn't budge. Maybe next year.

But Swish is will do almost anything for a treat...
He was all about it. He showed off in front of the camera and made it on to our local evening news!

*side note from Swisher: Who wants my pawtograph? Bol*

By the end of the walk were sure tired...
...and yes, our dogs were barking! Bol.

We can't wait 'till next year to do it all over again. I apawlogize for the long post.

Lots of Licks,

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Swisher 5.0

What's up Everyblogger...

'Tis I, Swisher... boy did we have a weekend full of fun activities that I wanna share with all of you... but first...

Guess who turned the big number cinco on friday? Yup, that would be me! I am a whopping 5 years old, and don't look a day over 4. Bol. Yes, Mom made me wear the infamous and annoying birthday cone hat, but I was all smiles for it because I knew it only meant good things were to come. Mom said we could keep up with tradition and ordered Pizza and Wings for us to grub on. My FAVORITE! (chicken wings, NOT the Detroit Red Wings. Although I wouldn't mind nom'ing on some of those wings either. Bol.)

No birthdays are without presents!...

First present is from Aunt V. Started off with the card.

How appropriate, it's a pug with a shark fin! (Aunt V added the San Jose Shark logo. So creative.)
That water looked so refreshing I had to make sure it wasn't real.

Bones. Stuffie Bones! Pawesome!
She bought two. One for my brother. If I feel like it, maybe I'll share with him. I'll let him sweat it out a bit. Bol.

::side note from Oak:: While Swisher is not looking, I'm gonna sneak away with this...

Oh but that's not it, Aunt V threw in some cookies! They're in different shapes. Fire hydrants, dog bowls, bones and paws. Super cool!

Next present is from Mom and Oak.

Oakley got me a card...
...watta guy. Gotta love a little brother.

::sniff sniff:: What's in there?

Oh pawesome!! Another stuffie, just for ME!
Mom knows these toys are some of my favorites. I love the toys that make the crinkle noises inside. Who's with me?

::sniff sniff:: I smell something delicious...

TREATS! Omd! This bag is full of good things. Preztles. Teddy bears. And cream filled COOKIES!

I had a wonderful birthday. The only thing that could make it any better is if the San Jose Sharks beat the Detroit Red Wings tonight in game 5. Hmmm... Game 5, I turned 5.. that just might be a sign right there. Let's go Shaaaaarks!!!

Also, Oakley and I would like to give a special Thank You to our Mom. She's a great Mother. Always takes care of us whenever we're in need, and even when we're not. She gives us unconditional love each and everyday and she's super special to us. Thanks Mom. You're da bestest! We wuff you!

Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely doggy and kiddie Moms out there! You all are Pawesome!

Lot's of Licks,