Friday, May 20, 2011

Belated Birthday Bundle!

Happy friday night everyone...

Yes I am happy. I am happy because my girl Coco sent me a belated birthday package the other day and yesterday I indulged!

I was all over this box like 'dog hair on everything'! Bol

I smell treats. I see treats...

...but first my card. Wow, check out the creativity of this handcrafted card. What a lucky dog I am.
...ok, OMD so many TREATS! Coco sent us two bags full of HOMEMADE goodies. One bag was full of Carob Covered Crunchies and the other was Peanut Butter and Banana biscuits (She even included the recipes so we could make them here at home as well. So thoughtful.) and...

... we also got a couple of Flossies.
These things are neat looking!

...and a Greenies.
Ohhh. For minty fresh breath with my little lady. I'll take this.

There were so many treats that looked crazy delicious, I almost forgot there were more presents! Not only is my girl creative, she's also crafty.. I got this stylish personalized bandana scarf!
Can you see my name sewn in? PAWESOME!

And the gifts just keep coming... we got 2 Chubby Buddies!
Soft enough for me. Durable enough for Oak. Perfect ladies.

If what we got wasn't enough, there were 2 way cool shirts added to all this fun stuff. I decided to keep this one for myself because being the older and wiser one, I am totally the leader of this pack.

Oakley's shirt says "YOU go fetch". Bol.

That was an absolutely pawsitively pawesome gift Coco. You really showed this fella some love on his birthday. Thank you so much. And Oakley says thank you as well for including him in all this fun!

A birthday thank you SMOOCH to you pretty pooch!

Lots of Licks,


  1. What a pawsome birthday bundle! You are so lucky to have such a great little lady. She cooks, she sews, she sends great gifts - she's a keeper!


  2. Bud.....all those treats an' prizes are makin' me a little envious. wouldn't happen tuh be intuh "sharin'" yer gal, would ya? Now I don't mean nothin' sexshul!! I'm just talkin' 'bout her mad cookin' skills.

    Call me, bud.

  3. You sure got some great gifts. Cute shirts
    Benny & Lily

  4. Swish you look very handsome in your special bandana! I knew that red was your color from previous posts. Was that your very first curly bully? Oh those are the BEST!!!! We love seeing the pics of you with your pressies. Hope you had a great b-day. Hank is cracking me up b/t/w. Might have to send the fella some treats (to share with O'Mally of course).
    I'm sure Oakley's breath is minty fresh now..sigh.

    Coco (and Kitty)