Thursday, January 27, 2011

Road Trip!

So the story starts with Mom saying. "Ok so we got your harness' on? Check. Leashes? Check. Water bottle? Check. Blankies for carriers? Check. Both dogs are present? Check-Check! Alright Boys, IN!.. we're going on a Road Trip!"

Needless to say we didn't hesitate at all. We jumped in those carriers as fast as our little tails could get us in.

Swish: Mom, please don't tell us we're just going to work.
Mom: Heck no, It's my day off! We're making a quick trip to Bakersfield. Well as quick as Aunt V can make it.
Swish: (::thinking:: Bakersfield? Like a place where they bake treats in fields? PAWESOME!)

So turns out Bakersfield is pretty far from where we live. About 3 hours. I'm sure all you out there know what newly washed blankies feel like right? Cozy and soft, like a puppy's first fur. So most of our trip was a very relaxing with lots of naps, and we enjoyed it. Besides, there wasn't a whole lot to see. Lots of land that went on forever.

And lots of transformer-prehistoric-dinosaur-looking-bobble-head type things.

But we had a couple of pit stops so Mom and Aunt V could stretch their legs and we could:

1. Have some refreshments.

2. Sniff around
..and 3. Leave our marks. ;0)

It was not till our last stop before the reach of our destination that Aunt V surprised us with this!!!
We don't care what's in this bag, as long as it's for us! Bol. Aunt V got us a hamburger for being such good boys on the road. (Oakley sidenote: Yeah last time my brother was a cry baby the ENTIRE ride. Watta weirdo!)

Mmmmmmmmmmm. ::slurp:: I can taste it already!

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Oakley: 'I had to eat mine on the side so my brother wouldn't inhale ALL of it!'
Swisher: 'Hey man, it's a dog-eat-dog world out there, and I love me some hamburgers!'

By the time we got to Bakersfield, it had gotten dark. We got to say hi to Aunt V's friend Bee and her two dogs, Pixie (a boxer) and Gore (a beagle) and then Mom's Aunt Lina. At Lina's house we got to meet her 2 Chihuahua doggies. Little things. But friendly. And Aunt Lina had a big swimming pool in the backyard. Closest thing we have to a swimming pool is our bathtub. If we would've known, we coulda brought our swimming trunks and our floaties! Aw maybe next time. Bol.

We got home pretty late. And even considering we napped throughout the day, we were pretty tired from all the traveling and playing with our new cousins we just met. It was time to relax at home in our new Dog Snuggie Mom got us and call it a night.

Hope everyone has a good day!

Lots of Licks,
Oak and Swish