Monday, November 29, 2010

Never Too Late To Give Thanks

Hey all yous out there in Blog-land... It's me, Oakley. How's everyone doing? I hope you guys are all well. My brother and I are doing great. Hope everybody had a wonderful holiday. We sure are stuffed from all those Thanksgiving leftovers.

Mom recently had an interesting trip out to one of our local pharmacy stores and left with quite the deal. We thought it was blog worthy to share with you. Mom has been on a mission to find us Sock Monkeys. Not that we don't already have enough toys (as you'll see later..), but who doesn't love a good Sock Monkey? Mom just happened to be inside the store, not meaning to seek out Sock Monkeys, but she did. No price was shown. She walked up to register, thought if they weren't too much, she'd buy us two. One for me, one for my brother. Cashier priced check it, rang up as 0.49cents. (No they were not on sale) '0.49 cents?!' Mom thought, no way! SOLD! So she got two. Thought the price was odd, but who cares? Great deal! Left the store. Should she go back? Should she just clear them of their entire stock? I mean, they're only 0.49cents! Oh alright. She goes back. Clears them out. Every last one. Later in her day, still baffled by the inexpensive toy, walks into the same store at a different location. Finds dog toys. Asks for price check. Rings up as $4.99! Ahhhh. THAT'S more like it. Mispriced just as she thought. Oh well. Good times for us! Look at what we got!!!


All kinds of them!

We were so excited, we got to work right away!

Hey gimme that back!

Dear Almighty DOG in Dog Heaven,
Thank you for this gift that I'm about to receive.
I am truly Blessed.

Ok so we're a little spoiled, but we're not selfish. Even though we loved all those Sock Monkeys, we knew the right thing was to share our good fortune with others. After all, it is a time of giving thanks. So we mailed some to my step dog-sister and step dog-mom (Swisher's birth family that lives with our Grandma), and a few others to some of our neighbors dogs.

There are many things we are grateful for this holiday aside from our family, friends and fur-iends. We're grateful for the little things too.

1.Like our toys and stuffies.

What? No I didn't empty the toy crate.

2. Mom's bed.

You can't see me.

3. Matching Pj's.

Even though we feel silly in them...

...they keep our tails warm at night.

4. The couch alllll to our selves.

5. And last but NOT least... the heater!

Mom says when the house starts to smell like bacon,
it's time to turn it off. Bol.

We know Thanksgiving has passed already, but it's never too late to give thanks right? So we wanted to say Thank You, from the botton of our lil' hearts, to all of you, thanks for being our blog fur-iends. We wuff you all.

Lots of Licks,
Oakley and Swisher

Monday, November 15, 2010

Last Long Walk...

... for a while. It's not as sad as it sounds. My brother Oakley and I love long walks. We actually get way too excited. We tend to get tired pretty fast. Mom says we need to learn how to pace ourselves. But Mom mentioned something about the clocks changing in the house. Changing to what I thought? ::shrugs:: It's starting to get dark early and the weather is getting colder. Living in the Monterey Bay, the weather is always pretty nice, but living this close to the ocean, it can get cold fast. So we took advantage of one of the last warm days we are probably going to have this season and went for a long walk.

Quick stop to enjoy the view.

Break Time. We needed to breathe. Bol.

OK time to head back.
Whoa that's a long way.

How did Mom and Oak get over there?

Almost there. Water. Water. I want water.


After our walked we enjoyed some new bones that Mom got us.

And then it was nap time. Oakley was so tired, I think he crashed out before he made it off the couch. Bol.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
Enjoy those last warm weather days wherever you are.

Lots of Licks,

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sleepover with Aunt V

Hey Furiends...

It's Oakley here. This weekend, my brother and I got to have sleepover with our Aunt V. Well actually, I should say, Aunt V had a sleepover with us. Mom had to go out of town over night and Aunt V dog-sat us. It was the first night we had been away from Mom, so we were excited and happy that she stayed with us. The weather was rainy on Sunday so we spent most of our time inside relaxing.

But today I got to go on a special trip with Aunt V to her house and visit her Grandma. We call her Gordy. Gordy loves me. She says I'm her favorite dog in the whole world.

Gordy and Aunt V's house is big. Well compared to the department, er I mean apartment, where my brother and I live, there was tons of room to wander around and explore. Too bad the paparazzi was following me or I could have gotten into some good mischief. I came across this HUGE white polar bear. I think it was lost. But I scared him off. I told him these were MY parts. (Okay Aunt V said it was a stray cat. Whatever.) I continued my hunt...

Is this a x-mas tree? Oh. I thought cactus only grew in deserts.

Hmm what's that over there?

Whoa! Who's that handsome devil?

After I thoroughly checked out everything, I was pretty tired. Aunt V brought me inside and I enjoyed one of my favorite things. A sun nap.

Ahh. When the sun hits your fur it's the best.

It was starting to get late ...
...and we had to go home to check on Swisher and wait for Mom to come home. We' were super excited that Mom was coming home, so we waited for her by the window that way we could see when she got here.

Thankfully Mom arrived home shortly after and safely. AAAAAAAND she brought PIZZA!!! OMD we love Mom! Missed you Mom!

Hope everyblogger had a wonderful weekend.

Lots of Licks,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lick Or Treat!

Hey Everydoggy and Everybloggy!

We wanted to share what we got to do on Howl-oween with all our friends since we've been reading all your fun Lick-o-treating times.

Well normally I wouldn't be too excited to put my costume back on, but Mom and Aunt V said we were heading someplace special to show off our festive threads. Mom took us to our local mall. It might not sound so exciting, but they were hosting a special Dogs Only Costume Contest!

We first arrived at 1 o'clock and we had to register and sign up.
We got to show off our costume and do a little walk back and forth.

PetCo had a booth set up with all sorts of fun items and great goodies. The had treats, toys, balls, stuffies, food, and games.

It was a warm day in the Monterey Bay area. We wanted to take a dip in this water fountain. Bol.

We met a lot of new friends and saw a lot of cool costumes.

A PUG-kin.

A turtle.

A caveman on a pterodactyl.

A French maid.

This little girl was a Princess. I think I was her prince because I sure was giving her a lot of friendly kisses. Bol.

This friend was HUGE! His name is Captain. He's suppose to be Bullseye from Toy Story II and his human was dressed up as Woody. Me, Oakley, being the friendly dog that I am, love to play with big dogs. Swisher on the other paw, thought Captain was going to eat him, so he quickly ran off. Bol.

(notice Captain's tail is bigger than Swisher's body. Bol.)

One of our favorite costumes was none other than our local superhero... Spiderman!
His costume was PAWesome! We are currently discussing next year's costumes with Mom. I think we want to be Spiderman and Batman. What do you guys think?

The contest results weren't going to be for a couple of hours so went to have a lunch break. During which, Mom ran into one of her old friends from college and we got to meet her dog too. She's a SHARK! If you guys remember, we love Sharks. In all forms; in the ocean, at the aquarium, and of course, the San Jose Sharks! So we loved her costume! Land Shark! Bol.

So... unfortunately we didn't win the dog costume contest. But here's who did...

3rd place goes to Summer, The Ballerina Butterfly.

2nd place goes to Sasha, The Punk Rock dog.

...And the 1st place winners are... Jack and Jill the Pirate Dogs!
We are such good sports we went to go congratulate them on the PAWesome home made costumes!

Later we went home to get ready for the Lick-o-treaters. Oh what Mom? Ohhhh, trick-o-treaters! Whichever.
Mom had put together a few candy bags to give away. But sadly, no kids showed. ::shrugs:: So we gave away some to neighbors. But since we were super good today at the mall, we got to play with our toys from the PetCo booth, AND as an extra special Howl-oween treat we got...
...a Frankenstein and "Howl at the moon" dog cookies! MMMMM.

We hope everyone had a great time during Howl-oween. We sure did.

Lots of licks,
Oakley and Swisher