Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Chewy Review

Hey blogger furiends,

Oops. February is over. But it's not our fault its a short month. If it was any other month, we totally coulda had like 2 more days. Bol. 

Anyway, we got a nice little break from the rain, so we decided to open our mail from Chewy(link) on our front porch.

This month we decided to try the lamb and sweet potato Sojos (link) by Sojourner Farms.

 It's a small stand up box...

 ...with 10 oz. of treats inside.
 Look at us waiting so patiently while Aunt V makes us sit.

 And the test. *sniff sniff*
Swish: What's with all the sniffing Oak, chomp away already!
Oak: Eh I don't know. I'm still thinking about it. 

 Swish: Lemme show you, like this.

 Oak: *lick. sniff. lick. sniff* I guess I'll eat it.

 Swish: Dude. What's your problem? You eat them till the last crumb!


So far they are a hit in 75% of our house. Swisher likes them. Oakley likes them sometimes, like only if that's the only treat he's getting. Bol. Mom likes these treats for us because it's a great value. 10oz for $6.49 is in our budget. Plus they're made grain-free as you can see on the box, and also gluten-free and made with 100% natural ingredients in the USA. Which makes them not only healthy, but tasty as well. This treat is made with no preservatives and nothing artificial. This recipe is made with real lamb and sweet potato. They are the perfect treat size and perfect for all breeds and sizes. 

The only con we can think of is; depending on your dog, maybe a different flavor is better suited. We're a little curious as to why Oakley is not surrendering to these treats like others. But that's a perfect example, we don't like everything tossed our way. We have preferences too as doggies. Good thing Sojos also come in so many different flavors and varieties. From duck and cherry and peanut flavor, to freeze-dried treats, freeze-dried dog food, and even catnip.

We want to say a quick Thank You to Chewy for sending some Valentine's Day love to our paw-less family. It was thoughtful and appreciated!

Thank you Chewy for allowing us to pawticipate in this review. We appreciate the opportunity.

Lot of licks,
Swisher and Oakley