Tuesday, April 27, 2010


What's up every doggie? Oak and Swish here! So as you know from reading our blog we are pretty big sports fans. Mostly baseball and football, but our mom has a new obsession, like she needed another one?!??! She likes Sharks, yeah like the ocean creature. She even has a shark tattoo! We know, she's a weirdo!
Anyhowl, she never really watched much hockey but she'd watch a little here and there, and she was into it during these past olympics so she thought it was about time to catch a San Jose Sharks game. So a few weeks back she did and she totally loved it! She's been to two more games since, the last one being Game 5 of the first round playoffs. She's completely obsessed now, we don't mind terribly because since San Jose isn't too far away we aren't left alone long. The only thing is now she calls Oakley's crate the penalty box and if we misbehave she says we're going in!
Well they made into round 2 of the playoffs and have been awaiting the results of other games to see who their next victim opponent will be. Well we just saw that it will be our buddy S-Dog's (Salinger) Detroit Red Wings. They played a really good game tonight but we hope our Shark's can beat them. Our mom has tickets to Game 1, but the schedule isn't announced yet as to when it will be. So S-Dog we just want to wish you luck and say GO SHARRRKS! If you would like to make a friendly wager, just let us know. We can shake virtual paws on it.

(Wow my eye is totally teal in this picture, mom's obsession has passed on to us!) My playoff beard is white. Mom says I look distinguished.
We hope our mom buys us some jersey's or San Jose Shark's collars! She probably won't but we can hope.

Lots of Licks,
Swisher and Oakley

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Green...

It's not easy being green; but we sure try. For our Earth Day post we are going to talk about what we do for our part of saving the Earth. We aren't as green as our buddy Stubby, but we always get great ideas from him, so if you ever want to know how to do more check out his blog!

Our mom uses her reusable bags when shopping. She is becoming a freak about them, she has a bunch and she has been giving them as gifts to people too. Every bag counts guys' so always try and use reusable bags to help our planet.

Today she bought a small size one at Whole Foods designed by Sheryl Crow, for only .79 cents. And she got a free regular size bag for shopping there during Earth Day!

Her favorite bag she bought when she went to watch her Oakland A's play baseball.

Mom's gift to our house for Earth Day was a Brita Pitcher, she hadn't been buying small water bottles for a very long time because she has a Sigg but she had been buying gallon size water. She decided it was time to stop that, so we have a Brita now and we LOVE it. We are now getting our water bowel filled with filtered water too! (mom read somewhere that filtered water might help with Oakley's tear stains, we don't know if it's true but we're hoping).
Mom will use any excuse to spend money. BOL.

Mom picked up this magazine while out today. The cuties on the front grabbed her attention, but it looks like it will have some articles on natural and GREEN stuff for us doggies so if she reads something interesting she will definitely share.

Happy Earth Day!

Lots Of Licks,

Oakley and Swisher

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello again...& Sexy Whipped Cream Day

Hello again everybody. Swisher, Oakley, and their mom here to say we are sorry we have been gone for so long. We have missed all our blog pals; but just because we were away doesn't mean that we haven't been checking in and seeing what's been going on with every doggie. It's hard to believe that we are in April already, yet its been a pretty tough year already. Mostly because it started out that way. Our hiatus from blogging is due to something sad that happened in our family the day after christmas. It was just hard for us to think of cheerful things to share with our pals when we weren't really feeling cheerful.

Like we mentioned we have been keeping a eye on everybody because you guys can always put a smile on our faces. We would like to thank Hank and Archie for asking about us while we were away. Sorry we hadn't blogged guys' but we're back and will be commenting on blogs soon.

Checking in on blogs this past week we read about the passing of Penny the Pug, although we didn't know Penny a lot of our pug pals did. We are so sorry about Penny and we send a billion hugs and licks to her mom. Winston declared this past Sunday "Sexy Whipped Cream Day" in honor of Penny and lots of fellow bloggers took part in a great tribute to a missed friend. We decided that we would also like to pay tribute to her, so when mom went out to get her Starbucks fix she picked us up a pupcup. Here's to you Penny, you will be missed but never forgotten!

Oakley you're hogging the cup, guess I'll just lick your tongue.

Oakley disappeared (thanks to mom) so I could get a taste.

This stuff was great, Penny sure did know how to live life to the fullest.

Lots of Licks,

Oakley and Swisher