Friday, July 30, 2010

Better late than never...

Better late than never?....that's what mom told us when we asked her why she hadn't blogged about what we did last week Friday. And for that matter why we haven't blogged since MAY?!?! We are sorry guys' our mom is such a slacker, that does it no treats for her!

Anyways, we did something super fun last week and we finally convinced mom to blog about it, we got to go to Oakland and see the A's play baseball!! It was A's Dog Day at the ball park, over 600 dogs were there. The A's played the Chicago White Sox and each dog day ticket helped raise money for Dogs4Diabetics.

On our way up to Oakland we got stuck in some lovely bay area traffic, but we heard there was costume and trick contests before the game started.

When we finally arrived we went and got checked in by the vet and then lined up for the parade around the field!! While we waited we made some friends.
We were wearing our new Oakland A's jersey's.
(Mom never wanted to spend the $ to buy us jersey's before, but she found them @ Petco on super clearance for $7 each!)

There were so many different kinds of dogs there that we got to see and there were A LOT of pugs. We were looking through all our pictures and we had to post the one above; not only because of all the pugs, but you guys' might recognize the pug in the skull harness is non other than Puglet from The Daily Puglet, the spotted dog is not his brother Dutch but Dutch was there too. Our mom was to embarrassed to ask if that was 'Puglet and Dutch' but it was pretty cool to find that we had a picture of him anyway.

As we walked around the warning track, or for all non-baseball fans, the dirt around the field there were people there to make sure we didn't walk on the grass. But being the guy that I am, I totally snuck a pee on the grass!! Auntie V almost got a picture of me in action but I knew I had to rush the job before I got yelled at. So heres a picture of me just as I finished up, pretending like I did nothing wrong.

As we walked by the A's dugout we saw one of our new favorite A's players, Coco Crisp. Yes that's really his name! BOL.

After the walk around the field we went up to our seats to enjoy the game. We didn't get any beer, we had to stick to the water from our cool water bottle mom got us at dollar tree, but we did get to snack on nachos! We didn't get any pictures of that but believe us they were awesome. We also got goodie bags with A's bandanas, treats, and other cool stuff just for going to the game.

Swisher did more people watching than baseball watching, this was his failed attempt at starting the wave. BOL.

As the sun went down Oakley got cold so he got wrapped up in the blankets mom brought. But he was totally fine with that.
The A's lost 5-1 but it was still fun to be there and not stuck at home for once!


Lots of Licks,
Oakley and Swisher