Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Pressies part One

Hey Everyone..

Looks like everyone had a fun and festive Christmas just like we did! We've been celebrating in different parts since last weekend and we wanted to share with you.

First we had Christmas at our house with Mom and Aunt V. Swisher and I were a little worried that we weren't going to get any gifts this year. It seems like every year around Christmas time, we like to stress Mom out and come up with a new eye issue that ends up sending one of us to the Eye Dr or the Vet and Mom with a big bill. This year it was Swish. No worries though, he's doing fine now. But to show Mom we appreciate what she does for us, we put our paw-lowance together and we bought Mom some Boston Terrier and Pug book marks for Christmas. And because Mom loves us so much, she still got us some gifts too.

These are our stuffed stockings.

I got a Santa Paws stuffy.

And swish got a Reindeer.

She also got us some new collars, and some flasher bike lights. I guess they're suppose to be for our night walks.
I hope we don't end up looking like ambulances, like our friend Tanner (Joe Stains brother) said.

Then it was present time from Aunt V.
 What could it be?

Oh pawesome!
New leashes to go with our new collars and some kill 'em stuffies! ( I say 'kill 'em' stuffies because there are certain toys that I'm allowed to kill right away, and other toys I only have limited time with because eventually, I will kill it! Bol.)

Waiting patiently for 2nd present...

 Omd! Beggin' Collisions! They're bacon AND peanut butter flavor!
We hadn't tried these before and we begged Aunt V to let us try some right away. Furiends, you must get your paws on these asap! Good stuff!

Then Aunt V said that we could try to open these ourselves. 
Don't mind if I do! 

Another stuffy!
A crinkle stuffy! My favorite!

Swish got a Gingerbread crinkle head...
... I got an Elf crinkle head.

Mom's Boss Lady also got us a present. She got us a new food bowl stand with new bowls. I was pretty sure I didn't want to eat out of the new bowls. Mom tried to get me used to them by putting treats in the new bowls. But all I would do was walk over there and sniff, and then walk away. Swisher, of course had no problem. That guy isn't afraid of anything when it comes to food.
It might be the fact that there's this dog staring back at me in the bowl while I eat. I don't know bout that guy. Maybe he's trying to eat my food. But after a couple of attempts, and seeing my brother do it, I figured I better get used to it or I was going to slowly waste away. So I manned up dogged up, and ate out of it. Not bad. Not bad at all. 

And not only did Boss Lady get us new bowls, she also found this Trail Mix for dogs by Milk Bone.
 Beef and sweet potato flavor. More good stuff!

Man I'm tired just from this post.. but more to come soon!

Lots of licks,
Oakley... and Swisher

Monday, December 10, 2012

It's beginning to look...

... a lot like Christmas! You know what that means? Santa Paws will be coming soon too! So we got to get this place looking festive for the big guy. Mom took out all our Christmas decorations and her and Aunt V started decorating.

 Each of us have a stocking. Mom, Swisher, Me and even Aunt V.

For the first time this year, we got a real Christmas tree. The past few years, our Christmas tree has been that little plastic one you see on top of the bookshelf.

My brother and I didn't have a preference either way really, but turns out the Christmas tree is pretty cool. We were able to decorate it with lights and all sorts of different ornaments.  

Throughout the years Mom has collected many dog ornaments. Either bought herself or given to her during Christmas time as gifts because they know she loves dogs.  She has Boston Terrier ornaments for me...

... and Black Pug ornaments for Swisher.

We also have little mini stocking ornaments that a fellow blogger had sent us from a couple years back, and letter ornaments for our names.

We were just about done decorating...

 ...and I musta been so excited about all the Christmas decorating, that I had an accident. And not like 'oops I broke an ornament' type of accident. No. More like an accident where I accidentally did number one on the red polka dot blanket, accidentally. And I felt really bad and really guilty.
One because Mom wasn't very happy since she JUST put that blanket there. But also, with my stocking being empty right now... I'm worried I might get coal instead of presents when Santa Paws comes. I hope not. I'm really sorry.

And to top it off, Aunt V said something about practice for our Christmas photo shoot with this box. I'm not super happy about that right now, especially because of my accident, but also because I really dislike photo shoots.

I did get some treats for sitting here though. There's that at least. Maybe I'm forgiven for my accident. Shh. Don't bring that up anymore.

Lots of licks,