Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oakley's Surgeries

I wouldn't sit still to get my picture taken, but these are pictures of my paws while they were taped up.  Mom took me to grandma's house where I stayed for awhile.  Grandma took me to the vet and I got fixed.  I'm not sure why, I don't remember being broken.  I also got my dew claws removed because I was always a crybaby when someone touched my paws and mom didn't want me to get hurt when I got older.  Grandma took care of me for a few days. I just slept a lot and was ready to play but she wouldn't let me.  Then one day we got to go to work with grandpa in a big truck.  Inside the truck there was a compartment where grandma and I slept while grandpa drove.  We met up with mom and she brought me home where I've been doing well recovering.  It's been a few weeks and I got my stitches out yesterday.  Everything is healing well.  I'm back at school @ petsmart in the advanced class now and I've made new friends! Talk to you guys later....Lots of licks.....Oakster!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Introductions #2...

Hi my name is Oakley.  I am 8 months old and I am a Boston Terrier.  I was named after the sunglass company.  When my human mom picked me up to take me to my forever home, I was squinting in the sun and she thought I needed sunglasses, so that's how I got the name.  She took me to live with her and my new brother Swisher.  I've liked Swisher since the day I met him although I think it took him some time to get used to having me around.  We get along just fine,  I like to chase him around and bite his tail, and his ears.  My mom is pretty nice too, she buys me toys and takes me to school at Petsmart where I get to play with my friends Kona, Deeje, and Cheddar.  Deeje and Cheddar are small dogs like me, but I think Kona might be a horse or something; although I heard he's a Black Lab.  He's huge but he's my best friend at school.  I like to play fetch and chew on stuff.  I get yelled at for chewing on leaves but that's my favorite thing to do when my mom's not watching.  Well it's time for a nap; but Swisher and I will be back posting soon about our adventures.


So I am here to introduce myself.  My name is Swisher and I am almost 3 yo.  I am a black pug.  I was named after Nick Swisher the baseball player.  I was named after him when he played for the Oakland Athletics; now he plays for the Yankees and I don't like that very much but I do like my name.  I am not named after the Swisher Sweet cigars even though a lot of people think that I am.  I live with my human mom someplace in California.  When I was still a puppy I was out on a walk with my mom and this mean man had his dog off leash.  The mean man told my mom that his dog was just going to smell me.  My mom thought I would be ok and that maybe I would even make a friend, but as the mean man's dog got close enough he attacked me and bit my face.  The mean man later told my mom I probably attacked his dog first but that is a big lie.  I don't remember much of what happened after except that now I only have one eye.  My mom took care of me and the mean man never even helped with my doctor bills.  I am just fine with only my one eye, sometimes if I run around too fast I run into stuff but I try and be really careful.  My good eye is starting to get a little sick but my mom is putting these icky drops in it (when I let her) and making sure I am going to be ok.  Last week when I went to see my eye doctor she gave me a new nickname; "wild child" because I wouldn't sit still long enough for her to take pictures of my eye.  I like my nickname and I think it suits me well.
About 6 months ago my mom brought home a new dog.  I guess he's my brother now, I never wanted a brother but he is fun to have around.  I will let him introduce himself to you.

Our day at the beach.

We went to the beach for the first time together last week and had so much fun.  We had been to the beach before but mom always made us stay on the paved bike and walking path.  This time we got to walk on the sand and in the water and chase the ball.  Swisher doesn't always get to do the fun things I get to do because mom is always worried because he only has one eye.  Sometimes mom has a reason to worry though because when we both got to run around we forgot to listen and started to go too far into the water.  We think mom was about to jump in the ocean after us.  She probably would have been very mad if that happened.  We had a lot of fun at the beach and then we both got baths when we got home and took very long naps. Hopefully if we promise to listen we will get to go again soon.