Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our day at the beach.

We went to the beach for the first time together last week and had so much fun.  We had been to the beach before but mom always made us stay on the paved bike and walking path.  This time we got to walk on the sand and in the water and chase the ball.  Swisher doesn't always get to do the fun things I get to do because mom is always worried because he only has one eye.  Sometimes mom has a reason to worry though because when we both got to run around we forgot to listen and started to go too far into the water.  We think mom was about to jump in the ocean after us.  She probably would have been very mad if that happened.  We had a lot of fun at the beach and then we both got baths when we got home and took very long naps. Hopefully if we promise to listen we will get to go again soon.

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