Tuesday, November 15, 2011


After too many phrases like 'Ow Swish!' and 'Ow Oak!'... Mom said it was time for us to get our nails cut. So off to Pet Smart we went.

They have this offer called the Paw-dicure package that has nail trimming, nail grinding and ear cleaning.

Oakley was a little shaking in his fur, so Mom had to hold him.

I volunteered to go first.
I know nail grinding sounds kind of scary, but it's actually not that bad. I like it better than nail trimming, because sometimes nail trimming can get too close. Plus, the people there at Pet Smart are really nice and very careful.

Oakley was up next.
I don't wanna look. I'm gonna close my eyes.

Whoa there lady.. watch where you're going with that thing!

The best thing about getting our nails and ears cleaned was we got treats after we were done! Mom had to warn the lady helping Oakley that he probably was going to yelp louder when they cleaned his ears, than when they were grinding his nails. He did.

After our Pawdicure, we shopped around a bit. That was fun.

I think Pet Smart should change they're name to Pet Heaven. They have everything there a dog could ever want.
How is anydog suppose to decide what to buy with so many options???

We were overwhelmed with all the toys, we didn't end up getting any. Can you believe that? BUT, we did leave with some pretty cool shirts.

Hey Mom, can we stop for a cheeseburger?


This is us later with our new shirts...
Oakley's shirt says: Tonka Trucking Co.
We like big trucks because our Grandpa drives an 18 wheeler.

...and mine says...

Pretty cool huh?

Keep those nails trim!

Lots of licks,
Swisher... and Oakley

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Evening Walk

Today Oakley and I played hookie. We didn't go to work with Mom, and instead Aunt V came to chill with us. Today was pretty uneventful except for Aunt V sharing her Chipotle lunch with us. OMD that was good stuff. But a little while ago we went for a evening walk.

Things I saw:

1. A broken tree
2. My brother's weird habits
3. Sunset

Exhibit A: Broken tree.
We saw the caution tape from afar. But we're rebels...

...and wanted a closer look anyway.
This happened after the rain the other night.

I needed to leave my mark. To make sure if anyone else dared to get as close as we did, they knew I was here first.

Exhibit B: Weird Brother
I don't know why and Mom can't figure out why, but Oakley has a weird habit of booking it full speed, balancing himself on the edge of the curb, and sniffing for the best spot to...well you know. (picture was purposely cut off for the viewers.)

Exhibit C: Sunset
Nice right?
Time to head home...

...for a nap until Mom gets home.

Hope everydoggy is having a wonderful evening.

Lots of licks,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I'm starting to think Howl-o-ween might be my new favorite holiday. Well I don't know about favorite, but it's just as fun as Christmas and Birthday time! I mean what other day do you get to keep the front door open and wait for kids to come and visit you? I couldn't wait for last night to come.

I wore my matching Pacman theme shirt today. So you KNOW I was ready.

When we got home from work with Mom, we changed into our costumes. Mom was styling with these cool Franky-stein socks.

Then we filled the candy bowl. But it wasn't only filled with goodies for the kiddies...
...it also had goodies for the doggies. Ya we threw in some cool stuffies for our neighborhood furiends. (I have enough toys, I'm secretly hoping we have left over candy. Bol.)

To get a little more into the Howl-o-ween spirit, I told Mom to put on the movie Ghostbusers.

The perfect movie I thought to have on in the background while Swish and I were on guard waiting for Lick-o-treaters. He guarded left. I guarded right.

We were being such good boys and not barking at any of the kids or strangers that came by that Mom and Aunt V shared their nachos with us and we got a special treat!

A Licky-pop!!!

OMD it was the best ever!

Mom was scared that Swisher was going to try and eat the entire thing whole. Stick included. I had to show him how to do it properly and explain if you just keep licking it, the candy last longer. Just goes to show you, big brother's don't always know everything. Bol.

Hope everyblogger had just as much fun as we did!

Lots of sticky licks,