Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We didn't end up on the naughty list!

Hey every blogger! We hope everyone is doing well. The holidays are hectic at times so we hope everyone is taking some time to relax.

Mom said we had to start being festive so I wanted to wear my ho ho ho shirt. Oakley got stuck in the Naughty shirt because there's no way I wanted Santa thinking I was naughty.

The first gifts we got this year were from our Mom's boss she couldn't wait to give them to us. That worked for us!

We got new sweaters and Astro bones!

Swisher got the argyle sweater because we didn't think stripes would be too flattering on him. BOL!

Mom's family lives a few hours away and we will be going there on thursday so this past Sunday we celebrated Christmas with mom and her friend who we call Auntie V. We got tons of presents, we must've done something good this year.

We got a doggy first aid kit and new leashes from mom.

Our Aunt V gave us two new collars each and stuffies of course!

I liked unwrapping my own gifts. Mom thought it was cute until she realized I just liked eating the paper.

I got a new rain jacket because my old one was showing off my muscles too much and my brother kept calling me fat. I dunno what right he has to call any doggy fat!

This was one of our gifts but we think mom just bought it for herself and used us as an excuse. She put it up by the door and that where our leashes and harnesses hang now.

Mom and Aunt V made this gingerbread house, unfortunately it wasn't a gift for us but a piece of gingerbread man flew across the kitchen at one point and of course we were there to clean up. He was delicious!

We are totally thankful we didn't end up on the naughty list and they say the big guy checks his list twice!

We want to say thank you to our Aunt V for all the pawesome gifts she gave us.

We would also like to thank all you doggies who exchanged cards with us you all look pawesome!

We are totally pooped. We are going to rest up until its time for more gifts. Happy Holidays friends!

Lots of Licks--
Swisher and Oakley

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's been too long...

It has been pawsitively too long since we've blogged and said Hi to every blogger. We've missed you guys. Our internet hasn't been liking us at home. So we are bloggin' at mom's work, she's working hard can't you tell? BOL! We got a Comcast guy to come to our house to check out our internet and he says its fine. But we don't believe him. He kept following his hands across the cable cords and told our mom he was making sure the cable was ok because dogs like to chew them. We couldn't believe our ears, he was trying to accuse us! Like hello Mr. comcast dude, don't you see all these toys we have everywhere, we don't need to chew on some dumb cable!

Anyways, it is getting closer and closer to Christmas and mom keeps telling us how we have to be good because Santa Paws won't bring us pressies if we're bad.

Total yawn right, being good is overrated! We think we can negotiate our way to good presents.

We are already licking our lips thinking of some yummy treats we'd like to get in our stockings.

Mom made us take some dumb pictures for our Christmas cards, but we won't show them yet, these our some of the out takes from last year. She said last year was easier because Oak was still a little dude and didn't really move once she had him posed.

I stayed still so much I sprung a leak on the blanket...HAHA...oops! Luckily you couldn't see my stain on our Christmas cards.

Since we are fairly new to blogging we didn't know about this whole Christmas card exchange thingy and how it works; but we would like to share our handsomeness with whoever wants a card from us. We had a few addresses from dogs who took part in our Flat Stanley project but if we don't have your address you can email us @ OakleyandSwisher @ gmail . com.

Hopefully a little later tonight we can go around and comment on every doggies blog, we've been reading but haven't been able to comment. We think Santa is sending coals to Comcast internet and blogger this year for Christmas.

Stay warm every doggie!

Lots of Licks--

Oakley and Swisher

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Awards and more....

OMDogness do I look mad in this picture? Well that's because I am, I don't know if it's our internet or blogger but we are having such a hard time posting and commenting on our friends blogs lately. Blogger needs to stop being a pain in the butt!

Anyways, now for our regularly scheduled post. First up is Awards we got awhile back and have taken us forever to post.
This award was given to us by Oisin the pug. Thank you Oisin.

This next award was given to us by Arlo the pug. Thanks Arlo.

The terms for this award are to share 5 things we like to do.

Swisher's List:

1. I like to eat!
2. I like to sleep on my sleeping bag.
3. I like to bark my head off at the gardner.
4. I like to water plants.
5. I like to snore really loud.

Oakley's List:

1. I like to cuddle with humans on the couch.
2. I like to play with my brother.
3. I like to chase tennis balls.
4. I like to chew on nylabones.
5. I like to snore REALLY loud.

We would like to pass on these awards to any blog buddy who doesn't have them yet.

So as you may have read a few posts ago we are playing Paw it Forward. So our mom did some shopping and we are sending a package to our buddy Mack and his sisters. We won't show everything we are sending so that they will be surprised and they can blog about it.

One thing we will show is the treats we are sending because they are our favorite. Sweet Potato and Fish...yummm! Mack we shipped it today so be on the look out for the post man.

We didn't get a lot of players for our Paw it Forward because we think most of our blog buddies have already played. While mom was out shopping she saw this...

In our local weekly paper they had this cute doggy on the cover with the title "Feed the Need". Mom picked it up to read the article, but there wasn't really an article to read. Inside the paper they chose about 70 non-profit community organizations that need help raising money especially in these hard times. The organization acquainted with the cover picture was Animal Friends Rescue Project. They are a non-profit organization that helps animals. The paper is accepting donations and whichever organization we choose to donate to they will match our donation. So as part of our Paw it Forward we are donating some $$ to AFRP so that doggies without a home will be safe this holiday season. She was glad the paper decided to put this cute guy on the cover because as it got her attention she knows it will grab others and all the organizations will hopefully get the help they need.

Oakley wanted to do his part by sealing the envelope.

After getting our packages together we did a little Christmas decorating. We have a little tree because mom says she doesn't trust us with a big one. How rude! We have our stockings up with our names on them. This way Santa Paws can fill them up with the good stuff we each like.

We are sorry about the LOOONG post but since we have blogger cooperating we must take advantage.

We hope everyone is having a great week.

Lots of Licks--

Swisher and Oakley

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!!

We want to wish all our blog buddies a very Happy Turkey Day! We our thankful for all our blog buddies. We our thankful for our mom and all our human friends and family.

We our thankful for all the food we will hopefully get to eat today.

Mom made us wear these big boy shirts so we look festive for the holiday. We hope you all have a great holiday.

Lots of Gravy Licks--

Oak and Swish

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Paw It Forward

Hey everyblogger! We have been super behind on our blogging, but we think we are finally caught up. We haven't had much to post about, but this past weekend we got a package in the mail. We were super excited when mom came home from checking her Peeee O Box and said there was something addressed to us!
We saw the return address was from Sequoia and Tuni and we knew it was our Paw It Forward package. Mom put it down so we could get a good sniff.

Hmmmm what's inside? A card with two cute pug puppies that said "Friendship is the frosting on the cupcake of life"... isn't that pawesome?!?

Yay I got an envelope, yummm this thing is delicious, thanks Tuni and Sequoia.

Oh dear, Oakley, we got much more than an envelope, look at all this great stuff treats, and stockings with our pictures on them. Super cool! Mini tennis balls and yummy bones!

(note from mom: it was so hard to get them to sit still for the pictures and to get pictures of all the stuff together. They were having such a fun time with their new goodies)

Mom I'm sitting here for the damn...errr dang picture but I can't keep my eyes off the stuff. Hurry and get the picture before my brother takes something that I want first.

Yes a ball, I love to play with tennis balls. Thank you soooo sooo much Tuni and Sequoia for all the great stuff.

Bones our favorite!

So now it is our turn to Paw It Forward. You can leave us a comment telling us you want to play and we will take the first three who do. You can then email your address to us at Oakleyandswisher@gmail.com. We can't wait to go shopping with mom for some cool stuff.

Thanks again to Tuni and Sequoia and their mom of course for the presents.

We were given a few awards during our lack of bloggin but we will save those for another post as this one is already pretty long. We hope everyone is having a great week, getting ready for the big turkey day!

Lots of Licks--
Oakley and Swisher

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sheer Determination

Hi everydog, (and human). It's Oakley here, the other night I found my toy monkey. He was already missing his leg and tail from other adventures and I thought it would be cool if he had no legs at all.

So I yanked.
And I pulled. (Note: If a human holds one end while you pull it's a little easier)

I took him up to the bed and chewed a bit, your slobber is essential in wearing stuffies down.

I kept at it for what seemed like hours.

Almost there I can hear it tearing.

Finally! I got the darn thing off.

Yummmm tastes like chicken. BOL.

Sweet sweet victory.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Lots of Licks--


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Only Bright Side-

The Yankees won the World Series, any other season my mom would be pretty bitter about this but this season she says there's a bright side. This guy....

he is Nick Swisher and he plays right field for the Yankees. He is the person mom named me after.

He started his career with my favorite team the Oakland A's, then was traded to the Chicago White Sox and then to NY. It was a sad day in my house when that happened. No matter our feelings against the Yankees we think Swisher is a great guy and a good ballplayer so the only bright side in the Yankee victory for us is that Nick is a champion.

This is a picture with me and moms Swisher shirts. She doesn't own his Yankee one though she thinks it would make her skin melt off. (She's a bit dramatic) bol. Until next season baseball fans!

Lots of Licks--