Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ouchies and Vet appts!

So mom has been getting a lot of grief because she lets my brother Oakley post more blogs than me. I know mom loves us both the same and it is fine with me that he gets to post more. He's a little crazy so he has had more adventures to talk about. I had an adventurous last few days and I would have much rather not have.

On Saturday night mom was trying to break up a wrestling match between us when she felt something crusty behind my ear. We had just had a bath a couple days before so she was wondering what it could possibly be. She turned on the bright light to find that I had an ouchie! It was crusty and red, she started worrying that maybe I had ringworm or something worse. I don't know what ringworm is but no kinds of worms sound good to us doggies. She was worrying so much she went to our upstairs neighbor who works at a Vet office and asked her if she would come take a look. She told mom it wasn't that worm thing and that she should take me to the Vet on Monday but not to worry that it wasn't contagious to my lil brother. So mom tried not to worry so much. Thankfully our neighbor was right, the Vet Dr. Man checked me out and said I had something I must've been allergic too and it gave me the itchies. He gave me some cream stuff to put on it and it is already looking and feeling better. I would not let mom get a picture of it to post but I did let her get a picture of me in my new shirt! It was my going to see the Dr. Man present. I don't understand how though since my brother got one too! He doesn't know it yet but he has to go to the Vet place this week to get his pokie and check up he's due for haha! Shhhhh! Nobody tell him. I have to get a pokie that day too but I can take it like a man. Last time I got a pokie my face blew up like a balloon and I had to stay at the Vet place all day hopefully that won't happen again. I hope!
Have a great day everyone! Lots of Licks---Swisher

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Moms loss is my gain--Oakley's Post

Last week moms favorite chair broke. She usually sits on her chair instead of the couch. We can't really jump on top of her while she's in the chair. She thought the room looked to bare without her favorite chair so she immediately bought a new one the next day. She was pretty happy because they were on sale! She threw the frame away which was the part that broke, one of the feet cracked. But luckily for me she decided to use the cushion in my crate as a new bed for me!

My old bed in my crate was a little too small for the crate. That's a picture of my bed with my Buffalo Bills pillow. I usually sleep with my matching blankie my grandma made me but mom took it out for the picture so you can see my new bed. I love my new bed it is Pawsibly the most comfortable bed I could get. The chair used to be a spot my brother and I would try to sleep on but mom would always kick us off.

My brother Swisher doesn't have to sleep in a crate because he doesn't have any potty accidents. He has this super big bed mom bought him at Costco, but even though he's older he's a big baby. He will only sleep on it if it has his favorite blankie on it.
So in conclusion, mom lost a chair, I gained a bed.
Lots of Licks--

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oakley's Birthday

Don't I look mature in this picture? You know why?!? Because I'm 1 yo now! That's right wednesday was my birthday. Like I posted before I knew I was going to have to wear the dorky birthday hat my mom made my brother wear on his birthday. I hate to admit that it looks like I was scared wearing it but don't let looks deceive you it was just smashing my ears and I didn't like that. But like i also posted before I knew one thing about this whole birthday fiasco, the dorky hat=cookies! My aunt Vanessa gave me the cookies and I PAWSitively love cookies. Unfortunately I have to share with my brother but I guess it's fair because he shared his birthday cookies with me. I also got a new shirt and balloons and birthday cards. No one told me I wasn't supposed to eat my birthday card, oooops!

I had a great birthday. I was pooped and went to sleep early but I made sure mom put one of my bday balloons by my crate so I could remember my special day. And it was just mine and not my brothers haha!Lots of licks----Oak