Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This Is The Way We Brush Our Teeth

Well this is the way Mom brushed our teeth for the first time the other day. After reading about some other dogs brushing their teeth and learning about the benefits, she thought it would be a good idea that we try too. Mom's really good about keeping us healthy. We have the other typical things that keep our teeth healthy. Like healthy food, Nylabones and greenies. But we never tried the traditional human route with a toothbrush and toothpaste. So Mom went out and bought Swish and I our very own toothbrushes. Mine is blue. Swish's is red. She also bought us very special, very tasty dog toothpaste. It taste like chicken! We asked if they had any pizza flavored toothpaste. She said no. Bol.

Here's how it went.

 Don't worry, she's not squeezing my head.

 Mom: Good job Oak! You did better than I thought!
Oak: Thanks Mom. Can I have a treat? 
Mom: Uh no, I just brushed your teeth!
Oak: Aw man.

Swish's turn.

 You're gonna put that, where?

Mom: Swish, open up.
Swish: No. 
 Mom: C'mon Swish, just a little.
Swish: No.

Mom: Swish. Sit still!
Swish: Mm. Um. Mmph.
Mom: V, help me hold him.

 Mom: See Swish, it's not that bad. It taste good.

PSA (Pup Service Announcement)
No dogs were hurt during this procedure. 
Please stay tuned for our next adventure.

Lots of clean licks,
Oakley and Swisher

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Back when my brother Swisher was on Cone-of-Shame time, we couldn't play together as much. So Mom took me to the beach so I could stretch my legs. Aunt V documented. I pawsitively love the beach!

Whoa! Water almost got me!

Looking forward to more beach visits this summer!

Lots of sandy licks,

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mr. Chewy is Pawesome!

Hi furiends!

Right before we left for vacation we received an email with an offer to order some things from the Mr. Chewy website in return for our honest opinion. We couldn't wait to check out Mrchewy.com . We had heard really good things. As soon as we got back from our trip we emailed Mr. Chewy to accept his offer.

We got our paws on moms iPad and couldn't believe our eyes. Food, treats, flossies, antlers....lots of stuff! Free shipping on orders over $49. The ability to order on a delivery schedule so your pet doesn't run out of anything important.

We knew one thing we wanted to order for sure were some antlers. During our stay at Grandma and Grandpaw's our antler went MIA. A few of the antlers we looked at on the site were out of stock, but they have such a huge selection that we had many others to choose from. We chose Elk antlers.

We also ordered a 12 pack (6 oz cans) of Natural Balance Fish and Sweet Potato canned dog food. We thought for $13.99 it was a great deal.

We told mom we HAD to order some treats! We had so many choices it was great. We went with two different packs of Zukes treats. We decided to try the peanut butter formula Power Bones and the peanut butter formula Hip Action treats.

We had $50 to spend and Mr. Chewy offers free shipping with any order over $49 so we wanted to buy one more thing, we chose a Merrick Bone. It turned out to be A LOT bigger than we expected. BOL.

This bone is bigger than my head.

Our grand total was $53.94 and we were pleased with the items we were able to purchase for that price.

Our order was shipped out on April 5, we received our FedEx tracking number and given an estimated delivery date of April 10. In reading of others reviews of Mr. Chewy we knew that living in California our shipping was going to take longer than those who live on the East Coast. This was our only hiccup with our order. Mr. Chewy ships FedEx 4-5 business days and we ordered right before the weekend. We stayed home waiting for our package on April 10 and it didn't arrive. We tweeted our disappointment and were responded to by both Mr. Chewy customer service and FedEx. FedEx had given us the wrong delivery date and it should have been April 12. Mr. Chewy offered to compensate us for the mistake but we declined since we were already receiving our order free. Their customer service did suggest that people living on the West Coast should place their orders early in the week in order to avoid waiting longer. We were also told that Mr. Chewy hopes to soon have a facility on the West Coast.

It might have taken a little longer than we were initially told, but it was worth the wait. We thought that with the food and treats Mr. Chewy had are pretty competitive prices with our local pet stores. We were most happy with the prices and quality of the antlers. We can't believe what they cost at the stores we shop at. We almost regret not accepting the offer from customer service to get more because of the delay in our order. Bol. We truly blame FedEx for the delay more than Mr. Chewy. All in all we were very pleased with our experience and we'll be visiting the site often.

Lots of satisfied licks,

Swisher and Oakley

Mr. Chewy is one cool dude, this is info straight from his site-

Mr. Chewy is the spot for pet people.

Why we're better...

Mr. Chewy delivers pet happiness by conveniently shipping 70+ brands of pet food and stuff (for free!) while ensuring at-risk animals' lives are improved across the planet.

Why it matters...

At-risk animals need a hero -- and let's face it -- driving to the store and schlepping pet stuff bites.

Why it's better...

Unlike the big, corporate, profit-driven pet retailers, MrChewy.com is driven by pet happiness not the bottom line.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hey furiends...

Sorry we've kinda been MIA from blogland for a while. While Mom and Aunt V were on vacation in Seattle and Vancouver, we were on vacation at Grandma and Grandpaw's house. This was my favorite spot. Which is Grandma's recliner. But I would like to wait for her here.

This is pretty much how we spent our vacation. Taking turns to see who could climb further up on Grandma's lap and shoulders. Bol. And of course, some quality cuddling.

We missed Mom on her vacation. We were excited to see her for like 5 minutes, long enough to know she wasn't leaving again, and then we went back to Grandma's lap.

Mom brought us back some souvenirs from Seattle. She brought us a bag of peanut butter nuggets, which no one else ended up liking except for me. I had NO problem with that. More for me! A Seattle shirt for Oakley, and this red rope tug toy.

We had a great time at Grandma and Grandpaws house. We always love seeing them and running around in the back yard and hanging with Penny and Diamond. (Swisher's Pug Mom and Sister).



We can't wait to go back again. Although, Grandpaw did throw away my antler. Well he claims he 'threw it in the room'. But yeah it's missing. Oh well. Luckily we got an email from Mr. Chewy and we ordered a couple more. We'll post about that later.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

Lots of licks,
Swisher and Oakley