Thursday, January 12, 2012

JuJu Request

Hey there... Oakley here...

I kind of have an odd request today, for some JuJu. You know, feel good juice. But not for me, for my brother Swisher. I'm not exactly sure how these requests work, but our blog friend Puglet does it all the time and seems to get great results. Swish has been having some eye problems lately. Mom had to take Swish to the ER vet in the middle of the night on Saturday. He was squinting a lot and his eye looked really red. I've had my own issues with my eyes, but Mom was extra worried about him since he only has one eye. They told Mom that they think his eye is scratched. They gave him some medicine and the terrible Cone of Shame.

Vet told Mom to watch him for a couple days and come back on Wednesday. They did. Vet said still not much change. So they put a contact lens in his eye to help speed up the process and more meds.

One of Mom's coffee cups is now one of our PetMeds pharmacies.

I might have to get a part time job pretty soon. Mine and my brother's bills are not cheap.

Swish is a trooper though. He can't really play with me or a bone or a stuffy. But he still sits in his favorite spot and plays watch dog. He hasn't been coming to work with me and Mom much, 'cause she doesn't want to take a chance of him getting more hurt. The cone isn't bothering him much either. I'm more scared of it than he is. When he first got home I wouldn't stop barking at him. He left to the Vet and came back a transformer!

I hope he gets well soon. He's been getting a lot of extra attention lately and that's interrupting my cuddle space with Mom on the couch. She even gave him her pillow pet to lay with. She says because the cone takes up too much space in his bed or something. Whatever.

So any JuJu you guys got laying around, can you please send it my brother's way? That way he can play with me and I get my couch space back. Oh, and so his eye can get better too. Thanks.

Lots of licks,

Oakley... and Swisher

Wednesday, January 4, 2012