Monday, August 13, 2012

My Birthday loot from Kitty

This big package came this weekend and Mom said it was for me from my girl Kitty. Half of my body could fit in there, it was that big. I gotta see what's in here!

 I smell something good!
 Wow! There's a lot of stuff in here!

My sweet girl always sends me a hand made card. Look how cute she is on the cover.

They say the way to a Dog's heart is through his stomach, and right she is. My sweetheart sent me some sweets! Dessert! A brownie sundae with a cherry on top squeaky toy!...
...and OMD a Pop Rocket squeaker toy!

She sent me some PupCorn. Can you believe I've never had any before? Where have I been in all my 4 years of dog living?? SO GOOD!

Kitty mentioned she almost got me the same Nylabone Mom got me for my Birthday. Thanks Kitty for this different one. This one is just as cool! Can't wait to open this!

She also sent me this fun chewable ball. I love fetch. And I love playing with balls!

And two Bullysticks!

 And two squeaker stuffies!
Sure Swish, I'll share with you.

Man, I got so much stuff!
 Thank you Kitty, my girl! You always send me stuff I've never seen or tried!
I love everything! 

Lots of licks,

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I am 4!

What do these two pictures mean?

 Yup that's me chomping away on some pizza right out of Aunt V's hand.

And I can get away with it because it was my BIRTHDAY on Sunday! I turned 4! Every year on me and my brother's birthdays, we get pizza. We LOVE pizza! We even get our own slice on a plate, and not just scraps from the table. But Mom had to cut it in little pieces, because she said knowing us, we'd probably eat the slice whole and choke! No choking allowed on Birthdays. I think it's a good rule too.

After pizza was presents. This one is from Mom. She calls me and my brother Thing 1 and Thing 2. Bol.

Her and Swish got me a card. 

But inside the bag was better stuff. A new bag of Beggin' Bites and a Thing1Thing2 container to put my treats in. Pawesome!

Then she got two Boots & Barkley stuffies with balls in them and tails. I know the blue one is for me. The pink one, that's for my brother. He has a thing with bright colors. Whatever.

 A new Nylabone. This one curves, for better grip. Neat.
And what she pawmised me, a new Kong Wubba! The last Wubba I got was from my girlyfuriend Kitty for Christmas. Those things sure are tough, it took me this long to destroy it. It is a worthy opponent for me and a great toy!

Next were presents from Aunt V.  A blue bag, my favorite color, with a card on top so I can't see inside.
Two dinosaur stuffies. Cool. I'm guessing this bright orange one is for Swish. That's fine, I'll share.

And whoa what is this?! A glow-in-the-dark football! PAWESOME!! It's almost football season too. Perfect timing. 

Also a bag full of treats. Not just any treats. Dessert treats. 

Chocolate Chip cookies (with carob chips of course), Cream filled cookies, and peanut butter cookies!

I got so many cool toys, I didn't know what to play with first. So I played with two toys at once and took turns. Bol.

I had a great birthday. Especially since Mom forgot the Birthday hat she makes us pose with every year. Thank Dog. I wasn't about to remind her either. Bol.

Lots of licks,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Trick

Me and Aunt V have been trying this new trick. Frisbee catching. Mom thought I'd be good at it because I like to throw my toys in the air when I play and catch them myself! Yeah my brother can't do that. He just licks them over and over and over. Boring. 

So far this is how it goes...

1. I sit and stare. (I got this part down)

2. Aunt V uses the phrase "Catch"

But sometimes I get confused and think that means 'Tug', so we play Tug instead. Bol.

3. Aunt V throws it.

4. I pick it up off the ground and give it a good shake.

5. Aunt V says no not like that. Try catching it in the air.
But this isn't always successful. It hit my face and then I had my way with it after.

We even tried leaping off the ottoman. Look at me fly!

We'll let you know how the progress goes. It's still in the beginning stages. Maybe I'll ask for a new Frisbee for my birthday on Sunday.

Lots of licks,