Monday, August 13, 2012

My Birthday loot from Kitty

This big package came this weekend and Mom said it was for me from my girl Kitty. Half of my body could fit in there, it was that big. I gotta see what's in here!

 I smell something good!
 Wow! There's a lot of stuff in here!

My sweet girl always sends me a hand made card. Look how cute she is on the cover.

They say the way to a Dog's heart is through his stomach, and right she is. My sweetheart sent me some sweets! Dessert! A brownie sundae with a cherry on top squeaky toy!...
...and OMD a Pop Rocket squeaker toy!

She sent me some PupCorn. Can you believe I've never had any before? Where have I been in all my 4 years of dog living?? SO GOOD!

Kitty mentioned she almost got me the same Nylabone Mom got me for my Birthday. Thanks Kitty for this different one. This one is just as cool! Can't wait to open this!

She also sent me this fun chewable ball. I love fetch. And I love playing with balls!

And two Bullysticks!

 And two squeaker stuffies!
Sure Swish, I'll share with you.

Man, I got so much stuff!
 Thank you Kitty, my girl! You always send me stuff I've never seen or tried!
I love everything! 

Lots of licks,


  1. Holy dog, you got a ton of pressies. That is so pawsome. I know you will have a blast with all of them. That brownie looks pretty yummy. If you can't finish it, I would be happy to help.

    Loveys Sasha

  2. Holy PUG-a-moley!!!! That is some cool loot you got there Oakley! You are one lucky dog.
    Love Noodles

  3. You got the coolest things. Lucky you!
    Benny & Lily

  4. Yay! I'm glad you got your loot Oak. The brownie squeakie was my favorite too. Couldn't resist. The green holey-roller ball just had your name all over it :) Hope you have had a wonderful 4th birthday this year! We have the bestest time shopping for you boys. Mom was snickering at the soft stuffie toys. She says one looks like us Bosties and the other looks like a Pug. I think she is nuts.

    Your honey-dip,

  5. Whoooo you got the coolest things from Kitty...we love bully sticks at our house ALOT! We don't get new ones to often tho..looks like she is one good friend to you...have a good one!
    stella rose

  6. Hi Oakley!

    Happy belated Birthday!
    Those are some great gifts!
    Glad you had a nice Birthday!

    -Dana, Daisy & Bruce

  7. Happy Birthday!

    Boy,Kitty sent you some great stuff:)

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill