Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Chewy Review

Hey everyblogger...

Boy have we been MIA for a while. Our 'Talk to the Paw' crew members are slacking on posting. Maybe that should be a New Year's resolution for us, post more often. Bol.

We're cutting it under the wire here. Our apawlogies for taking so long with our December Chewy review. December was a hectic month for us with the holidays and all. But good ol' Chewy stays working and we received our December box. 

Early Christmas present!
We got... Smooches. We got the chicken and cranberry recipe. They also have other flavors with different names. They have Pecks, which are buffalo and blueberry. And they have Nuzzles, which are duck and cherry.

(In case highlighted word above doesn't work:  http://www.chewy.com/dog/honest-kitchen-smooches-chicken/dp/35485 )

 Clever name because I wanna smooch this box!

 And they even come heart shaped.
We heart you Smooches, even though we haven't tried you yet. You smell good. Check out our sitting patiently skills.

And the test....

 We love em! Taste like home cooking!
This was Aunt V's attempt at us trying to Smooch like Lady and the Tramp. I think she forgot we're brothers. Bol.


  1. Made with human-grade ingredients. (No wonder they taste like home cooking)
  2. Healthy; No corn, wheat nor soy. Organic. 
  3. For the dieting dog, each treat is only 2.3 calories. 
  4. Reasonably priced. You pay for quality and ingredients.
  5. Made in the USA.
  1. We're nit-picking, it doesn't come in a resealable bag. 
  2. We probably will run out soon. Bol.


We also want to share an amazing and a very unexpected surprise we received. Without word or notice, Mom came home to a package from Chewy on our doorstep and wasn't sure what it could be. Once opening, two portraits were inside. One of a Boston Terrier who looks just like Oakley. And one of a black Pug, that looks just like Swisher.

Mom was blown away by the art and was left speechless at the thoughtfulness. We thought they were pretty pawesome as well.

We want to say thank you SO much from the bottom of all our hearts, for the incredible gifts Chewy. And thank you to the artist. Great work. 

Smooches to everyone who was involved.
Yes, Chewy, we loved them!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to review.

Lots of satisfied licks,
Swisher and Oakley

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November Chewy Review

Mail call! It's that time of month. It's our November Chewy Review. 

This might be our favorite review yet, because it may be the most helpful to our readers. When we saw the list to choose from we immediately were drawn to the Merrick Hungry Dog Value Pack. We already know we are fans of Merrick because they are made in the US and they use high-quality ingredients and don't use artificial colors or preservatives. And we were partial to the picture of the dog on the bag of treats since he looks to be a Boston Terrier.   

 Whoa this is a big bag. Hey Oak, this guy looks like you.

 You're right, he does. But I'm better looking. Bol.


PRO: Now the bag is advertised as a 2 LB bag of natural chews and treats for $8.99. An assortment of treats that didn't make the cut because they were misshapen or under sized. Same great ingredients and taste for the budget minded pup in your life. 

And with that we agree the bag was huge and there was assortment of chews in it. Not treats like the treats we had in mind, like something you get after a pee walk, but one Mom will give you to keep you busy for awhile. Bol.
 There were Flossie's, snouts, hooves and other parts. Bol.  

CON: That was the downside for us. We rarely get those types of treats. We live in an apt and Mom isn't really keen on us chewing something like that up on the carpet. We are also smaller breed dogs and some of the pieces were fairly large. But we agree that it was a great value inside that bag if you already buy your dogs those types of treats. We are going to be sending most of the treats with our Grandpa for his pack of German Sheppards, and we just KNOW they will love them.  

Mom sorted through the bag and pulled out some of the smaller, more appropriate chews for us to eat.  

There was no way we were gonna let her give away all the deliciousness! Plus we like to share with our German Sheppard cousins. 

Don't bother us, we're chewing. 

Thank you Merrick for the yummy treats.

And thank you again Chewy, for the opportunity. 

Lots of licks,
Swisher and Oakley

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lupus Walk San Francisco 2013

Hey guys, this post is coming to you a couple weeks late. But we still wanted to share our fun adventure.

So guess where we were?

We were in a hotel. In San Francisco! Pawesome right? 

Last time we were in San Francisco it didn't go so well. This time we were all determined to make it work. Mom, Aunt V, and us. And that we did. We got to spend the night in a cool hotel room. The same hotel as last time. La Quinta Inn in Millbrae, just a few minutes away from San Francisco. We got to watch TV on a this big bed and the room even had a little kitchen in there, that we liked to stalk because Mom and Aunt V brought pizza!

Mom brought some of our cuddle stuff from home to make us more comfortable. Like our blankies and toys and our pillow pet.

The next day we got up early and headed towards the city.

We made it! We made it to the Lupus Walk. That's right. Aunt V has done the Walk to end Lupus Now in San Francisco for 3 years now. It takes place at Golden Gate Park. This is the first time we had attended. The Walk to end Lupus Now is an organization that helps raise money and awareness to finding a cure for Lupus. Aunt V's Mom used to have Lupus, and she also has a couple of dear friends who have Lupus. So the disease touches close to home for her.

Aunt V is on a team with some of her friends and their families. And they were the 2nd top money raising team. They reached their team goal of $10,000!
The organization was so honored and happy with the teams results, that they let the team captain, who has Lupus her self, to cut the ribbon to start the race, and they gave her a medal of achievement.

Per tradition at the race, people write on things to say who they're walking for or in honor of. People write on shirts, on signs and even balloons. Purple is the prime color of the walk, so we got some purple balloons to celebrate. We wrote who we were walking for on the balloons; I'm walking for My Mom, I'm walking for my friend Celi, and I'm walking for my friend Monica. We tied them to Swisher's harness, and he was a hit with everyone.

On your mark. Get set. Walk!.....

 ...and we're off!

There are two courses. A 2 mile walk and a 1 mile walk. We opted for the shorter walk because Swisher was already outta breath from all the excitement. We walked for a little and then we found this little park.

Everyone said I should go down the slide.. but I didn't think it was such a great idea.

There was a lot of people there. And some furiends also.

We took a break from the walk and stopped here by this Japanese Zen Garden. Here's us posing with Mom.

Photographers would come along and stop to ask if they could take our pictures by the Zen garden. We said sure. We're not shy from PUParazzi. Bol.


 Ok back to the walk... we're almost to the finish.

Hey Mom, you think the ambulance men can lend me an oxygen tank?

We made it to the finish line!

I need water!
 Maybe I'll just go for a swim instead.

 Brrr. That water looks way too cold.

 We headed for the elevators....
 ...we thought the fun was over. But Mom and Aunt V said we had a couple more surprises.

We headed for the Golden Gate bridge. This was our first time over the bridge. It was huge. We looked out the windows and looked at the water. 

Then we stopped at Vista Point and got down and checked out the view. 

At Vista Point, they have a statue of a man that's called The Lone Sailor. It's was dedicated in 2002 and is a replica of the Lone Sailor at the Navy Memorial in Washington DC. The area also includes memorials to the Marines, the Coast Guard, and the Merchant Marines.
Mom's cousin just joined the Navy this year and we took this picture to send to him. 

After vista point, we grabbed some food for the road and drove over the new Bay Bridge that connects San Francisco and Oakland, and we headed home. And slept allll the way there. Bol.

That was a great adventure. We had a lot of fun. We hope to do it again. Please excuse us for the delay and length of this post.

Lots of licks,
Oakley and Swisher

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Howl-o-weenie 2013

Before it gets any later, we wanted to tell you how our Howl-o-weenie went.

We kept it low key this year. We didn't put up any decorations, but we did get pumpkins. It's become our tradition for Aunt V to come over and carve pumpkins. But this year we didn't have a theme, so we left it up to Aunt V to decide what she wanted to carve.

Aunt V started on the pumpkins a couple days before Howl-o-ween. She said she would do our pumpkins first. But she didn't say what they were going to be. We did our job and we snoopervized.

She took all the pumpkin guts out. It was all gooey and slimy.

 This is the first pumpkin she did. It's a Boston Terrier for Oakley!

And the second pumpkin was a Pug pumpkin for Swisher!

She said she made a mistake and forgot she was only going to carve one eye, so it could look more like Swish, but at least she got the curly tail down. Bol. We thought it came out good anyway.

Then on the Howl-o-ween day Mom put our costumes on and said we were gonna go walk around the mall. Can you tell what we are? 

::intercome voice:: Paging Dr. Swisher and Dr. Oakley. Please come to the kitchen for a photograph. Dr. Swisher and Dr. Oakley, please come to the kitchen. ::end intercome voice::

 We're Doctors!
Swisher's costume is a Surgeon. Oakley is a Doctor with his lab coat on.

At the mall we met some furiends with four legs...

Some prehistoric furiends with two legs...

And this cute little lady bug who really liked us and wanted to keep petting us. 

With all the walking and excitement and all the twizzlers that Swisher ate (Bol), he was pretty tired by the time we headed home. Mom took off our costumes, and let Swisher ride shotgun, and had the AC cooling him off in the front seat.

After we rested a while, Mom put our costumes back on and put the gate up and we waited for Aunt V and the trick or treaters. We never know how many kids are gonna come. Sometimes we get a lot, sometimes we barely get any.  

But then Aunt V showed up and a bunch of kids started to come also.

The kids would say Trick or Treat and we would check out their costumes and help Mom pass out candy.

We saw the Hulk.

 And a friendly Vampire.

 While Swisher was busy on trick-o-treaters watch...
Ok the kids are gone, can I have more twizzlers? Bol

...Aunt V was working on the rest of our pumpkins. 
She carved 3 more. 
A pumpkin scarecrow.

A San Jose Sharks fin.

And a sugar skull.

We got a few more trick or treaters... but it was getting later in the evening and we think all the kids had gone home by now. So we closed up shop.

Mom said for being such good helpers, she got us howl-o-ween bone cookies!

They were SO good!

And because we were good boys through the whole day, she even got us howl-o-ween toys!

It was a fun night. Sorry for the long post. We hope everyone had a fun and safe howl-o-ween!

Lots of licks,
Swisher and Oakley