Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November Chewy Review

Mail call! It's that time of month. It's our November Chewy Review. 

This might be our favorite review yet, because it may be the most helpful to our readers. When we saw the list to choose from we immediately were drawn to the Merrick Hungry Dog Value Pack. We already know we are fans of Merrick because they are made in the US and they use high-quality ingredients and don't use artificial colors or preservatives. And we were partial to the picture of the dog on the bag of treats since he looks to be a Boston Terrier.   

 Whoa this is a big bag. Hey Oak, this guy looks like you.

 You're right, he does. But I'm better looking. Bol.


PRO: Now the bag is advertised as a 2 LB bag of natural chews and treats for $8.99. An assortment of treats that didn't make the cut because they were misshapen or under sized. Same great ingredients and taste for the budget minded pup in your life. 

And with that we agree the bag was huge and there was assortment of chews in it. Not treats like the treats we had in mind, like something you get after a pee walk, but one Mom will give you to keep you busy for awhile. Bol.
 There were Flossie's, snouts, hooves and other parts. Bol.  

CON: That was the downside for us. We rarely get those types of treats. We live in an apt and Mom isn't really keen on us chewing something like that up on the carpet. We are also smaller breed dogs and some of the pieces were fairly large. But we agree that it was a great value inside that bag if you already buy your dogs those types of treats. We are going to be sending most of the treats with our Grandpa for his pack of German Sheppards, and we just KNOW they will love them.  

Mom sorted through the bag and pulled out some of the smaller, more appropriate chews for us to eat.  

There was no way we were gonna let her give away all the deliciousness! Plus we like to share with our German Sheppard cousins. 

Don't bother us, we're chewing. 

Thank you Merrick for the yummy treats.

And thank you again Chewy, for the opportunity. 

Lots of licks,
Swisher and Oakley