Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Pressies part Two


We're excited to start another year of blogging! But we couldn't forget to share what our Girlyfriends, Kitty and Coco, got us for Christmas. 

We got the package a couple days before Christmas, but Mom said we had to wait until Christmas to open it.

We already know the drill. We dove in! First out the gate, two camo dog toys. A boomerang...
 ... and a rope wheel.

A reindeer pet blanket.

Our girls always send us a homemade Christmas cards. You girls look great with those Christmas headbands. Kisses to you both.

 But that wasn't it. There were still fun presents to open.

Kitty and Coco always end up sending us treats that we haven't tried yet, and end up loving! Apple Bacon chewy treats. Yum.

Some twisted bully sticks!

And some Natural Balance wet foot, and definitely a favorite around these parts, and new Antler to chew on! Pawesome! We love it!

Last, but not least, our girls made us some homemade personalized ornaments. They're hearts with bones through them and paw prints around them. Mom put them on our tree right away.

Thank you girls so much! We pawsitively love everything! You girls are the best!

Mom put the reindeer blanket on top of our Mickey bed and it was the perfect addition to cuddle with later that night. It was warm and soft. Perfect for winter.

We mentioned we had our first Christmas celebration at home with Mom and Aunt V, but we had our second Christmas celebration at Grandma's house where we got even more presents! Check out these SUPER PAWESOME stuffies we got from Grandma! Captian America, Spiderman and the Hulk. She remembered our Halloween theme and just had to get them! Grandma also got us a big box of treats.

And from Mom's Aunt, we got these Christmas stuffies and another big box of treats!
 We love going to Grandma's house. We always have the best time and get the best stuff!

Can't wait for next Christmas!

Lots of licks,
Swisher and Oakley