Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Opening presents on Christmas is fun and all, but opening presents after is even better! It's like Christmas all over again. This time these presents were from our girls Kitty and Coco.

The girls totally know our personalities...
We got two stuffies. Oakley went straight towards the Kong Wubba. It's strong and durable and can play tug-o-war for hours. Swisher went for the holiday Giraffe that's soft and squishy.

And we got some new treats!

Pork Chomps mini twists. Mmmmm smells delicious.

Wasting no time.


The girls also sent us a Christmas photo of them. Don't they look lovely?
Kisses to you Coco.

We put your card up with all our other holiday cards.

Let's not forget our 'COOL' shirts either.
They fit and look great!

Thank you so much girls. You ladies are sweethearts! We hope you had a Very Merry Christmas and liked our gifts as well. Can't wait to see the video you post.

To everyone in blog land... Have a safe and wonderful New Years!

Talk to you guys NEXT YEAR! Bol.

Lots of licks
Oakley and Swisher

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Santa Paws came to town. Twice!

Hey all of you! Boy did we have a great Christmas weekend. Santa Paws came to town, TWICE! and brought us all sorts of cool stuff!

Let us tell you how our Christmas went... bare with us, there's a lot of pics. Puparazzi was everywhere. Bol.

Our first Christmas celebration was at home this past Thursday when Aunt V came over for our gift exchange. Check out all our presents!

Ok those are not ALL ours, they're Mom's and Aunt V's too.

First we opened our stockings...

Inside we had: Snowman and Christmas tree stuffies from our neighbors, pet ear and eye wipes,

...Swisher got his own purple hippopotamus, and I got small fun size tennis balls from Aunt V!

Ok time to open some presents from Aunt V!

In box number 1 we got stuffies. A red candy cane for Swisher.

And a green Christmas tree for Oak.
In box number 2 we got some cool graphic tees.
Oakley's is the tootsie pop Owl. Swisher's is a scrabble shirt. Bol.

In box number 3 were some warm fleece pull overs.
Blue for Oak.
Red for Swish.
But Swish is too buff for the red one, so Mom has to exchange it. Bol.

Lastly, but definitely not least, box number 4 was to the both of us...
Christmas Cookies!

Next were presents from Mom.

This present was way too big for us to open, Aunt V had to help us. Can you tell what it is?

A Mickey pet bed! How pawesome!

Next from Mom was a costco size box full of peanut butter cookies! 3.5 lbs of it!

But that wasn't it, Mom's boss got us some cool things too.
She got us this Freezy Pup Kit, that comes with a recipe to make delicious frozen treats for us. Also a Pick Pocket Pouch you can attach to our leashes for our walks that you can store things. Like Moms keys or our poop bags. Neat. And then she got us this iQube, dog puzzle toy.

OMD I love these kinda toys!

That was a PAWESOME first Christmas! We got so much stuff and are so excited to play with everything and eat ALL the treats! By the end of the night, there was only one casualty. Bol.


For our next Christmas celebration, Friday morning we headed to Fresno to visit our Grandma and Grandpaw, Mom's parents. We love going to their house. We got to run around with Swisher's dog Mom and Sister, Penny and Diamond, cuddle with Grandma and Grandpaw on the couch and open more presents.

Grandma and Grandpaw got us a 3 pack of stuffies and this cool I love PetHead grooming kit. That us in the background playing with our stuffies. At the time, shampoo didn't seem that exciting. Bol.

It comes with 2 shampoos and a deodorizing spray. And it smells SOOOO good. Mom sprayed it on us and we smell delicious! Smells like strawberry or fruit roll ups. Bol. But it's for the pet with sensatory skin like us, cuz I'm sure most of you know "Life's an itch"!

We had such a wonderful Christmas. We want to say thank you very much for all the Christmas presents. We tried to be good boys this year and not end up on Santa Paws' naughty list. I think we did a good job.

Hope everyblogger had a wonderful Christmas holiday as us!

Lots of licks,
Swisher and Oakley

Pee.S. Kitty + Coco, we got your Christmas package and will be blogging soon about that. Thank you girls. Hope you got ours.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas...

Hi everyblogger... Swisher here...

We've kinda been slacking on our blogging lately, our apawlogies, but we tried to play catch up today. Can you believe it's almost Christmas?

Thanksgiving came and went so fast, it seems as if Grandma was just here. By the end of the week, we'll be in Fresno, celebrating Christmas over there with her and Grandpaw.

It was only right for us to get to decorating. We like to decorate to get us in the Christmas spirit. Mom got some new lights for our front window, and brought out our festive holiday Christmas colored blanket.

Aunt V came over to help decorate also. She was in charge of the garlands, stockings, and wrapping presents. But I think she was getting a little out of hand with the garland.

I think Aunt V is getting us confused with the Christmas tree. I better be getting some treats for this.

Our bookshelf is full of some of our favorite holiday decorations.
1. Holiday Smurf
2. Singing/Barking dog
(which we LOVE to bark back at)
3. Stockings
4. Christmas Cards
This is our pawesome little tree. Look at all those presents!

Of course, no Christmas celebrating is without our annual Christmas card. This year Mom agreed to go simple and just let us wear Christmas t-shirts. Which we were SO happy about. Although Aunt V did get inspired when she put that garland around us... she got a bright idea for our cards...lights!

Aren't the back of our shirts pawesome? Bol.

After about 57 out takes, and 5 different positions, these were the end result.

(Please excuse bad phone photo with bad lighting.)

Hope everyone is getting excited about Santa Paws coming this weekend. We think we've been good boys this year and gave Mom our wish lists. At the top of mine, is PIZZA! Bol.

Wishing everyblogger out there a Happy Holidays, Season Greetings,
and a Very Merry Christmas!

Lots of licks,
Swisher... and Oakley

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


After too many phrases like 'Ow Swish!' and 'Ow Oak!'... Mom said it was time for us to get our nails cut. So off to Pet Smart we went.

They have this offer called the Paw-dicure package that has nail trimming, nail grinding and ear cleaning.

Oakley was a little shaking in his fur, so Mom had to hold him.

I volunteered to go first.
I know nail grinding sounds kind of scary, but it's actually not that bad. I like it better than nail trimming, because sometimes nail trimming can get too close. Plus, the people there at Pet Smart are really nice and very careful.

Oakley was up next.
I don't wanna look. I'm gonna close my eyes.

Whoa there lady.. watch where you're going with that thing!

The best thing about getting our nails and ears cleaned was we got treats after we were done! Mom had to warn the lady helping Oakley that he probably was going to yelp louder when they cleaned his ears, than when they were grinding his nails. He did.

After our Pawdicure, we shopped around a bit. That was fun.

I think Pet Smart should change they're name to Pet Heaven. They have everything there a dog could ever want.
How is anydog suppose to decide what to buy with so many options???

We were overwhelmed with all the toys, we didn't end up getting any. Can you believe that? BUT, we did leave with some pretty cool shirts.

Hey Mom, can we stop for a cheeseburger?


This is us later with our new shirts...
Oakley's shirt says: Tonka Trucking Co.
We like big trucks because our Grandpa drives an 18 wheeler.

...and mine says...

Pretty cool huh?

Keep those nails trim!

Lots of licks,
Swisher... and Oakley

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Evening Walk

Today Oakley and I played hookie. We didn't go to work with Mom, and instead Aunt V came to chill with us. Today was pretty uneventful except for Aunt V sharing her Chipotle lunch with us. OMD that was good stuff. But a little while ago we went for a evening walk.

Things I saw:

1. A broken tree
2. My brother's weird habits
3. Sunset

Exhibit A: Broken tree.
We saw the caution tape from afar. But we're rebels...

...and wanted a closer look anyway.
This happened after the rain the other night.

I needed to leave my mark. To make sure if anyone else dared to get as close as we did, they knew I was here first.

Exhibit B: Weird Brother
I don't know why and Mom can't figure out why, but Oakley has a weird habit of booking it full speed, balancing himself on the edge of the curb, and sniffing for the best spot to...well you know. (picture was purposely cut off for the viewers.)

Exhibit C: Sunset
Nice right?
Time to head home...

...for a nap until Mom gets home.

Hope everydoggy is having a wonderful evening.

Lots of licks,