Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Opening presents on Christmas is fun and all, but opening presents after is even better! It's like Christmas all over again. This time these presents were from our girls Kitty and Coco.

The girls totally know our personalities...
We got two stuffies. Oakley went straight towards the Kong Wubba. It's strong and durable and can play tug-o-war for hours. Swisher went for the holiday Giraffe that's soft and squishy.

And we got some new treats!

Pork Chomps mini twists. Mmmmm smells delicious.

Wasting no time.


The girls also sent us a Christmas photo of them. Don't they look lovely?
Kisses to you Coco.

We put your card up with all our other holiday cards.

Let's not forget our 'COOL' shirts either.
They fit and look great!

Thank you so much girls. You ladies are sweethearts! We hope you had a Very Merry Christmas and liked our gifts as well. Can't wait to see the video you post.

To everyone in blog land... Have a safe and wonderful New Years!

Talk to you guys NEXT YEAR! Bol.

Lots of licks
Oakley and Swisher


  1. Hey!! This is the first time that I sniffed your blog and I like it! :o) I have those freezer pups, on your previous post and they are yummy!! Also, I have a cousin that is named Ginger and she is a Boston! She blogs on my blog on Tuesday...y'all would make great friends!!


  2. Hiya boys! We did our video post on your pressies. The last pic of you two in your t-shirts is on of our favs!! My dear Oak, you don't look too thrilled, but I assure you you were one hot beef-cake in it. The blue looks so nice on you. I just knew you would know which stuffie belonged to you. Hope you enjoy your pork chomps...mmmmmmmmm.