Thursday, October 25, 2012


Mom has been spookifying our apartment. There are strange things with big eyes that light up and spiders crawling all over our bookshelf and front door. 

And a green monster hanging by our light outside.
Plus there's this very suspicious looking person in our window, that won't leave!

But once Mom put these matching skeleton T-shirts on herself and Swish, we started to get the idea. Howl-o-ween is coming up!

We look forward to Howl-o-ween. The only part I don't look forward too is the costume part. Wearing funny clothes and costumes are not my 'bowl of water'. Swisher doesn't mind as much. He knows that if he pawticipates with whatever Mom decides, treats are involved.
You can't really tell in this picture, but Swisher's T-shirt glows in the dark. That's kinda cool.

I don't have a skeleton shirt. But Swish and I do have matching skull and cross bone tanks.
 That of course we had to wear. Hmph.

Notice I'm not all that excited about it.

One thing I was happy about was, Aunt V bought us some Howl-o-ween stuffies...
 ...and her and Mom went to go pick out pumpkins.

I kept Skully.

Swish got Franky.

We try to do a theme every year. This years theme is Super Heroes. So Aunt V came over to carve our pumpkins. Can you guess which Super Heroes Swish and I are going to be?
 YUP! You guessed it!

Swisher is Batman.. or Batdog or BatPug.. whichever.

And I'm Spiderman... or SpideyDog. 

I was sooo happy to know that I wasn't going to have to wear some crazy SpideyDog costume. I'm happy they're are just T-shirts. I can live with that. Thank dog Mom finally figured out I'd be a better model with simpler costumes.

Mom and Aunt V are going to pawticipate in our theme as well. Those other two pumpkins are theirs.
 One will be Captain America, and the other will be Superman.

Now we're ready for Howl-o-ween and those trick-or-treaters.
If we could only get rid of this guy...

Lots of licks,
Oakley... and Swisher

Monday, October 15, 2012

Crusty Paws

Sometimes when I feel like cuddling, I climb on top of Mom's lap while she's watching TV. As sneaky as I can, I scoot myself up all the way up to her chest. But sometimes on my journey, I hear "Ow Swish!". Now I know I'm not the skinniest dude, but I'm not that huge, so I know it's not that I'm too heavy. I finally asked Mom why she kept 'ow-ing'. She said my paws hurt her. They're crusty and rough against her skin.

Mom heard about BAG BALM from another blog and that it was good for crusty stuff. Like dry noses and paw pads. She found some at the store and thought she'd try it out on us. The other night, it was time to experiment on me.

These were the tools.
 Yes, those are dog socks.

Mom tricked me! She asked me to lay down on the bed like she was going to give me a belly rub, but rubbed that stuff on my paw pads instead and slipped on these silly socks!
 Even used masking tape to make sure they wouldn't come off.

 It's kind of hard to walk around in these.
 I'm high stepping like a Champion Clydesdale!

Swish: How long do I have to wear these things?
Mom: I'm going to leave them on all night. I know you, you'll just lick your paws clean. We're going to bed now anyway.
Swish: All night?! What if they cut off my circulation?
Mom: They won't. I didn't put them on that tight.
Swish: Not to you. 

Wish me luck furiends.

Lots of licks,

Pee.S. She put some one my nose too, but I licked that off. Bol.

Pee.pee.s. In the morning, I only had one sock one. Bol!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sunday Funday at the park

Hey bloggers...

We've been having some crazy nice weather, when usually it starts to cool down about this time. So we took full advantage of that this past Sunday. Mom took us to our new favorite place, the dog park.

 This is the crew. The usual gang that's around.

After we say Hi to everyone, we like to do our favorite things. But when a new furiend walks through the gate, I like to be the first one to greet them. Mom calls me the Walmart Greeter. I say "Hi, I'm Oakley. Welcome to the dog park."

My favorite thing is to get Mom or Aunt V or really anyone with thumbs, to throw me the frisbee to play fetch. Typically I bark at you until you pick it up, then I can play tug with you, and then you can throw it for me. Bol.

 I could do this all day.

 Hey, she took my frisbee!

This folks, is what we call a Frisbree Hoarder.

 Swisher's favorite things to do is chase me while I chase the frisbee...

...and to roam around and explore and mark everything.

Once you become a regular at the park, you NEED to know this guy. We call him, The Cookie Man.
 He always has a bag of dog cookies with him, and shares with everyone.

Until next time dog park.

Lots of licks,
Oakley and Swisher