Monday, August 29, 2011

Belated Bully's

So along with my totally pawesome doughnut bed.. my girl Kitty said she was sending me some extra bully sticks on the side in a separate package.

So when Mom said this was for me other day, I knew it had to be from her.

It came with a classic hand made card and 4 bully sticks!
2 for me... "To the Birthday Boy"...
Ya that's me. I'll take that!

And 2 for the Swishman, because the girls are so thoughtful!
Thanks Coco for remembering this furry fella!

You girls sure know a way to a guys heart. Treats! Bol.

Lots of yummy licks,

...and Swisher

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Love the way we sleep.

Lots of Licks,
Oak n Swish

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I DOUGHNUT believe my eyes...

...but check out this package that's ALL for me!

We came home to a missed noticed from Mr. UPS Man saying there was a package for 'Oakley' and we needed to go claim it. Mom had some fun explaining to Mrs. UPS distribution center Lady that the package was for her dog. She thought for a minute she was going to have to show some sort of ID. What was she going to do? Take me to the post office and show proof of my dog tag? Bol. In any case... I got my birthday package from my girl Kitty!

Kitty gave me a hint at what it could be... she said it was all the rage in the dog world right now. So I was super excited!

What is it???

OMD it looks like a big donut!

It IS a big doughnut! A doughnut pet bed!
So comfortable and so pawesome!
My girl sure does have great taste! Literally.

Now all we gotta decide is if we want to keep it in the living room for us to snuggle on...

...'cuz Swisher sure likes it too!

...orrr put it in my crate so only I can use it and sleep with it every night. I love to curl up with pillows and blankets in my crate. So this would be a pawesome pillow to curl up with. I can picture the sweet dreams I'm gonna have on this bed! Thanks to my sweet girl. She sure knows how to make this guy happy!

Mom says after we get baths, then we'll decide where to keep it. How rude!

Thank you sooo much Kitty for the pawesome birthday gift! I pawsitively love it and can't wait to use it!

Lots of extra thank you Licks,

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy three to me

Hey every blogger, Oakley at the keyboard today to tell you all about my birthday. On Friday I turned 3 years old! Friday is Mom's craziest work day of the week so I thought we weren't going to celebrate and I was very sad. But on our way home from work mom picked up a pizza.

When we got home Aunt V showed up with balloons and a present for me.

Swisher and I absolutely love pizza. I blew out my candle and Swish and I got to eating! Delicious!

After we ate I got to open my gifts. Mom got me a cupcake toy, a fleece ball, some treats and a nylabone ring.

Then I got to my present from Aunt V and let me tell you holy cow did I hit the jackpot! First Mom helped me read my card. It said "For a special 3-year-old boy" that's me!

I don't know what else it said I just wanted to see what was inside the bag.

I got three cool stuffies with dogs on them, one even looks like me. A bag of bacon treats, some balls, cookies and a cool army t shirt, Swish got one too!

Thanks Mom and Aunt V for making my birthday pawesome.

Swisher and I would like to apologize to all our blog buddies for not commenting on your blogs lately. We read them everyday honest but our secretary (Mom) is terrible at commenting. We will give her a stern barking at and make sure we visit everyone soon.

Lots of Licks,