Monday, August 29, 2011

Belated Bully's

So along with my totally pawesome doughnut bed.. my girl Kitty said she was sending me some extra bully sticks on the side in a separate package.

So when Mom said this was for me other day, I knew it had to be from her.

It came with a classic hand made card and 4 bully sticks!
2 for me... "To the Birthday Boy"...
Ya that's me. I'll take that!

And 2 for the Swishman, because the girls are so thoughtful!
Thanks Coco for remembering this furry fella!

You girls sure know a way to a guys heart. Treats! Bol.

Lots of yummy licks,

...and Swisher


  1. That was very sweet of the Girls!! You are very lucky boys!!



  2. I love bullys! They are the perfect gift, don't you think? You guys are so lucky to have such thoughtful girls. Enjoy the treats!


  3. whhoooa!! Are presents the best or what!
    Benny & Lily