Thursday, September 20, 2012

Night walk and shadows

Hi Furiends...

We've been bad bloggers lately. We get around to commenting once and a while, but when it comes to us blogging, it's been over a month. We haven't had much going on. Mom has been taking us to the dog park a lot. Oh! But our neighbor dude did come over last weekend to be our Manny. Like our boy babysitter. Is that what you call boy babysitters? Well he's not really a boy. He's a man. But not like an old man. Just like, a dude. A cool dude. Anyway, he walked us one night when Mom and Aunt V went to an Oakland A's game (we won't get into how they didn't take us). But back to the dude, his name is Rich. Mom said it was a trial run because he's probably gonna Dude-sit us again soon for Aunt V's birthday weekend. As long as he supplies the treats, we'll be good. 

But other than that we've just been doing the usual. Yesterday we went for a night walk. And not just a pee walk. A long walk. Mom said it had something to do with this new Nike Fuel Band collar that she got for her wrist and it gives you points. All we know is, if there are collars out there that will give us treats instead of points, sign us up!
 It was a nice night out. Clear night sky. 

 Look at me running fast and my freaky eyes!

 Hey there's someone next to me!

 Even my shadow has pointy ears!

Gee thanks taxi for coming AFTER our walk!

 It was a long walk, but a fun walk. We're up for another one.
And in better news, Mom reached her GOAL! 
Way to go Mom!

Lots of licks,
Swisher and Oakley


  1. Way to go for walking all those the dark..with monsters running around are really really brave! I myself just ride in the stroller.
    sTella Rose

  2. Night walks freak me out a little although I love going out to my yard at night. I wonder if I get Mommy one of those Nike wrist thingys will she take me on some night walks and not just at Halloween?
    Love Noodles

  3. *****whistles****** You boys are looking fine I must say! I mean come on, those pug and Bostie sihlouettes are just too cute. Good for Mom for exercising. We must all stay heart healthy you know. Now you tell Mr. Cool Dude Manny to be extra super nice because your girlfriends said so.


  4. Its so nice to see you. Wooohooo for Mommy. I don't like night walks, I am a scardey cat.

    Loveys Sasha