Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Only Bright Side-

The Yankees won the World Series, any other season my mom would be pretty bitter about this but this season she says there's a bright side. This guy....

he is Nick Swisher and he plays right field for the Yankees. He is the person mom named me after.

He started his career with my favorite team the Oakland A's, then was traded to the Chicago White Sox and then to NY. It was a sad day in my house when that happened. No matter our feelings against the Yankees we think Swisher is a great guy and a good ballplayer so the only bright side in the Yankee victory for us is that Nick is a champion.

This is a picture with me and moms Swisher shirts. She doesn't own his Yankee one though she thinks it would make her skin melt off. (She's a bit dramatic) bol. Until next season baseball fans!

Lots of Licks--


  1. That is a cool story. Mom is a Detroit Tiger fan, so she didn't much care who won this time.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  2. Aww Swisher, I am sorry that you're sad about the outcome... but that guy totally won because he has your name!!

  3. I'm sorry your team didn't win, Swisher and I can understand your mom's reluctance to buy a Swisher Yankee jersey. But even though your team lost, you looked at the bright side of things. You looked at the player you were named after and that he is now a champion. And your attitude reflects on you -- you're a champion, too! :) Spring training is just over 3 months away!

  4. Oisín gave you guys an award!
    Check it out on his site! :)

    Manda x

  5. Mom says she can see why your mom likes this guy. I personally like the zebra stripes on his face...

  6. WOW...we had no idea you were named after a ball player Swisher!!! COOL!

    Mom didn't really care who won either since her Tigers choked early.

  7. That is funny! We are RedSox fans so we didn't even watch, but we were wooting for the Phili's so when Mom woke up and heard the news, she laughed and told her son that the Yankees won and all we heard was,,you got to be kidding, right!
    Have a great day! PS. Both Swishers are real cute!

  8. Oh Momma....Go Yankees...and Swisher
    Benny & Lily

  9. Hi Swisher,
    Geeeeee I didnt know you were named after a famous baseball player, thats really cool!!!

    Guess that makes you a VIP!!!!


  10. That is pretty cool you were named after Nick Swisher, he is a pretty great ball player!

    My husband feels the same way about the Yankees.. which is a shame since they have some really cool designs for their hats!!

  11. Funny you mention that... Mom really was actually wondering if you were named after Swisher! Now we know! Congrats on the win, you guys deserved it!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  12. That is some handsome fashion styling little Swish!

  13. I hope your mom is not too sad. I know how they can get a little distant and ignore us when they watch balls on the tv, and especially if their team loses. I hope you two are trying to cheer her up!