Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Introductions #2...

Hi my name is Oakley.  I am 8 months old and I am a Boston Terrier.  I was named after the sunglass company.  When my human mom picked me up to take me to my forever home, I was squinting in the sun and she thought I needed sunglasses, so that's how I got the name.  She took me to live with her and my new brother Swisher.  I've liked Swisher since the day I met him although I think it took him some time to get used to having me around.  We get along just fine,  I like to chase him around and bite his tail, and his ears.  My mom is pretty nice too, she buys me toys and takes me to school at Petsmart where I get to play with my friends Kona, Deeje, and Cheddar.  Deeje and Cheddar are small dogs like me, but I think Kona might be a horse or something; although I heard he's a Black Lab.  He's huge but he's my best friend at school.  I like to play fetch and chew on stuff.  I get yelled at for chewing on leaves but that's my favorite thing to do when my mom's not watching.  Well it's time for a nap; but Swisher and I will be back posting soon about our adventures.


  1. Hi Oakley! I just wrote on your brother Swisher's introduction and wanted to say hi to you too! You sure are cute! Mommy loves Boston terriers....but then again she loves Boston everything!! (She's from there). Anyways, I look forward to hearing about your adventures with your brother!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  2. Hi Oakley! It's me, Tia. I thought I'd share in on this adventure of your new online posts. You're too cute buddy. It's been fun watching you grow and I hope our bond grows just as much.

    See You Soon!

    Much wuff. ;)

    ~Tia V~