Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lick Or Treat!

Hey Everydoggy and Everybloggy!

We wanted to share what we got to do on Howl-oween with all our friends since we've been reading all your fun Lick-o-treating times.

Well normally I wouldn't be too excited to put my costume back on, but Mom and Aunt V said we were heading someplace special to show off our festive threads. Mom took us to our local mall. It might not sound so exciting, but they were hosting a special Dogs Only Costume Contest!

We first arrived at 1 o'clock and we had to register and sign up.
We got to show off our costume and do a little walk back and forth.

PetCo had a booth set up with all sorts of fun items and great goodies. The had treats, toys, balls, stuffies, food, and games.

It was a warm day in the Monterey Bay area. We wanted to take a dip in this water fountain. Bol.

We met a lot of new friends and saw a lot of cool costumes.

A PUG-kin.

A turtle.

A caveman on a pterodactyl.

A French maid.

This little girl was a Princess. I think I was her prince because I sure was giving her a lot of friendly kisses. Bol.

This friend was HUGE! His name is Captain. He's suppose to be Bullseye from Toy Story II and his human was dressed up as Woody. Me, Oakley, being the friendly dog that I am, love to play with big dogs. Swisher on the other paw, thought Captain was going to eat him, so he quickly ran off. Bol.

(notice Captain's tail is bigger than Swisher's body. Bol.)

One of our favorite costumes was none other than our local superhero... Spiderman!
His costume was PAWesome! We are currently discussing next year's costumes with Mom. I think we want to be Spiderman and Batman. What do you guys think?

The contest results weren't going to be for a couple of hours so went to have a lunch break. During which, Mom ran into one of her old friends from college and we got to meet her dog too. She's a SHARK! If you guys remember, we love Sharks. In all forms; in the ocean, at the aquarium, and of course, the San Jose Sharks! So we loved her costume! Land Shark! Bol.

So... unfortunately we didn't win the dog costume contest. But here's who did...

3rd place goes to Summer, The Ballerina Butterfly.

2nd place goes to Sasha, The Punk Rock dog.

...And the 1st place winners are... Jack and Jill the Pirate Dogs!
We are such good sports we went to go congratulate them on the PAWesome home made costumes!

Later we went home to get ready for the Lick-o-treaters. Oh what Mom? Ohhhh, trick-o-treaters! Whichever.
Mom had put together a few candy bags to give away. But sadly, no kids showed. ::shrugs:: So we gave away some to neighbors. But since we were super good today at the mall, we got to play with our toys from the PetCo booth, AND as an extra special Howl-oween treat we got...
...a Frankenstein and "Howl at the moon" dog cookies! MMMMM.

We hope everyone had a great time during Howl-oween. We sure did.

Lots of licks,
Oakley and Swisher


  1. Wow that looked like lots of fun. You guys must be totally exhausted after that party! I know I would be


  2. Ha ha ha! We love the pictures. Your guys costumes are pawsome (infact Tuni has yours for next year Oakley). We like the idea of batmand and spiderman!


  3. Hey guys! you two looked so adorable in your costumes! What a pawesome Howl-o-ween event you went to! You sure met some great doggies in some great costumes! Mommy says next year we have to dress up.....this was Ebby's first Howl-o-ween with us and we didn't want to freak her out just yet! BOL!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  4. You guys had a super fun time at Howloween! I think you should have won the costume Contest!

  5. Such cute costumes on all the dogs!! We totally would have scared everyone if we had both been there in our mummy costumes :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  6. Hey, guys.....lookin' gooood!

    Glad yer back!