Friday, July 31, 2009

An update from Oakley

Hi everybody this is Oakley, Mom hasn't been keeping up with our blog but we are back and we promise to give everyone updates on us weekley from now on. During the time we hadn't updated it was my brother Swisher's birthday and he turned 3 years old. He got a bottle of champagne (it was really a toy), a gumby toy, a balloon, and cookies for his birthday. The cookies were his favorite. I am turning 1 year old on August 5 and I'm afraid mom is gonna make me wear the dorky birthday hat on my birthday, but if I get cookies and presents it will be well worth it, I will let you guys know! I am in school at Petsmart again, I already took all the classes they offer but I'm going again so I can play with my friend Deeje. I am also trying to pay attention more to all the things I'm supposed to be learning so that my mom won't get frustrated with me. I will talk to you guys all later....lots of licks....Oak!

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  1. Hope Swicher had a great birthday!!! Happy early Birthday to you Oakley!!