Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hey everyblogger... Oakley here. It's been a while since our last post and our deepest aPAWlogies. But not to worry, we have been reading up on all your fun and exciting adventures. And it's time to share some of ours. Sorry Mom, we love you, but you were a wee bit slacking on this here bloggy. Can't blame Mom though. We just have too many friends to keep up with all the time. So... my brother Swisher and I made a decision. We asked our Auntie V to intervene. We all discussed it, and Auntie V has agreed to become Co-Editor in Chief of our Blog.

So FF two months later from our last post... it's October now. You know what that means? Halloween! Or as we like to say, HOWL-oween. Check me out in my new festive Howl-oween collar! ::whistles:: Stud right? Yup I think so.

Howl-oween means candy, costumes and PUMPKINS! We're still not exactly sure why people get excited over pumpkins. They just sit there and smell funny. And sometimes they have mean faces on them, which can be a little scary sometimes. But Mom and Auntie V like 'em. They went out to a pumpkin patch (where dogs weren't allowed. How rude!) and brought some home to carve.

Can you tell what they are??

It's Mario and Luigi from Mario Bros!

We don't know much about pumpkin carving skills, but we think they came out pretty great! Auntie V had so much fun doing these pumpkins, she went out and got 2 more to go with them!

It's Yoshi and the 1-up mushroom.

As we said earlier, Howl-oween means costumes. Trust us when we say this, it's not our favorite part. Another reason we don't understand all the excitement. Costumes are uncomfortable. But Mom gets all giddy and grins from ear to ear when she sees us in our costumes. She and everyone else think we look 'soooo cute'. We always looks cute! Hmph! Anyway, we do it for her cuz she's the bestest Mom there is. She does have pretty good taste though. Mom was thinking she probably wasn't going to get us new costumes this year (which we were secretly crossing our paws for.. shhh, don't tell her.) because she couldn't find anything cute or reasonable priced ones. But she made a recent trip to PetSmart and found some for 50% off and could NOT pass them up.

Here I am in my costume. It might be a little hard to tell what I'm suppose to be, but I'm a Mummy. Auntie V says it's a perfect costume for me 'cause she says I'm a "Mummy's Boy". Get it? Like Momma's boy. Ya, I wasn't amused either. These things always make me feel weird, so I wasn't moving for the first 5 minutes I had it on.

My brother didn't seem to have a problem with it. The costume tag said it's a 'Demon'. But Mom didn't like that word and decided he looks more like a Dragon. I think he looks pretty cool actually. And Swisher is happy with his costume.

We're still not sure what our plans for Howl-oween are. I'm pretty sure we're going to be giving out candy with Mom. It's always a gamble on how many trick-o-treaters we will get. Hopefully no kids come and Swish and I can tear up all the candy. Bol.

Anyway, we want to wish everyone and everydoggy a safe and happy HOWL-oween!

Lots of Licks,
Oakley and Swisher

p.s. Thanks Auntie V for your help.


  1. We missed you guys - Welcome back!!!

    We love your costumes!! Mom almost got Brutus that Mummy one!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  2. YAY! You're back (nice job Auntie V!)

    We LOVE your pumpkins and costumes!!! Poor look traumatized! Swisher, you look like a winking devil (how convenient that you only have one eye...makes winking WAAAY easier! Hahahaa).

    Happy HOWLoween!


  3. Somehow the black pug just goes with the "dragon" right? The mummy costume looks way more comfy. My question is, how the heck did you get out of wearing a hat??? I will not be so lucky this year. Boo.

    Kitty (the Boston T.), and Coco