Thursday, December 16, 2010

My PETicure

Hi Everyone!

It's me, Swisher, on the lappytop today. I wanted to share what happened to me the other night with you guys.

So the story goes it was late Friday night. Aunt V was here visiting and Oakley was buggin' to play catch for the last few minutes before it's bed time. My brother has energy for days. Me? It's midnight, I want to sleep. But I oblige. We chase the ball a bit. Aunt V holds Oak back (he's a ball hog), I run for the ball...I break fast on the carpet. Tug. OUCH. Limp once. Limp twice. Mom notices. Ut oh! It's my dew claw. Right away she realizes it's broken and calls the Emergency Vet number. They give us some tips. So Mom plays Nurse. She's got this handy dandy Pet First Aid Kit. She grabbed some gauze and wrapped me up.

But I was messing with it too much. Luckily Mom had these pet socks. It was one of those "I don't know if we need them, or if they'll use them, but what the heck, they're adorable" purchases.

I wasn't really feelin' the whole 'Michael-Jackson-one-glove' look, but oh well. It took a little getting used to so I could walk comfortably.

Please, no pictures right now.

I thought I was good. I told Mom I felt fine. Imma tough guy. I've been through worse. Didn't hurt anymore. We got this sock cast under control. Time for some Zzz's. But no. Mom was worried. Then came those 5 awful words... "We're going to the Vet."

I don't like the Vet. I mean, don't get me wrong, the Vet serves a good purpose. When I'm sick, the Doc will give me feel good meds. When I decided on a life style change to become a Pirate (one-eye), the Doc fixed me up good. But other than that, eh.. I can do without. You hear strange noises coming from the back, mine included, and no one has a good time. There's definitely nothing sexy about possibly finding a gal pal you fancy at the Vet's office with your tail between your legs. Who wants that? In fact, the best thing about the Vet, is leaving!

But Mom wasn't having it. She said it was a must. So we went the next morning. Just as I thought. It was NOT fun. Doc said my dew claw needed a clipping. I won't go into detail how I squealed like a baby piggy. No I won't. But it's over and done with now. Thank DOG! I think from my lovely serenade they might have confused me, because somehow I got wrapped up with some very pretty pink bandages. Bol.

Fast forward to today, it has been an easy recovery. Mom said Merry early Xmas to me because my one nail PETicure cost her 45 wonderful dollars. For $45 she could have gotten her nails and toes done! Bol. Oops. And since I gave her a little scare.. my brother and I had to endure a little pet photography payback. Oh just great.

Preview to what's to come.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Take care of yourselves out there friends.

Lots of Licks,


  1. You are hysterical. Michael Jackson with one glove or a pirate? Hmmm. Thank goodness mom pulled no shananigans out of that first aid kit. We love the picture of you guys!
    Benny & Lily

  2. Oh Swisher, I'm so sorry you hurt your little dew claw. That sure is a cute sock though! Sluggo was interested in the pink bandage.

  3. Yes, the V.E.T. is a mean, mean man, but you survived and hopefully got some yummy treats afterward!

  4. Oh poor Swisher! That sounds so painful! I must say, the one sock look is just adorable on you, just like the one eye look is! It suits you so well!! You are a brave boy!!
    A pink bandage huh? BOL.......maybe the vet was color blind and he thought it was red?

    Merry Christmas!