Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kitty, Will You Be My Valentine?

Hey fellow bloggers,

As many of you may have read, Coco, from Kitty+Coco, is hosting a contest. She is looking for a date for her sister Kitty. I, Swisher, hereby nominate my brother, Oakley, for a chance to win the one on one date with the Lovely Kitty. The rules state to leave a comment on their blog post, with the best "date idea" and whose ever they like best, wins.

Dear Kitty:

This is my brother Oakley...

He is a 2 1/2 year old Boston Terrier. He's fun and crazy, likes older women, and is D.T.S. (Down to snuggle.) We think we've come up with the perfect date and are certain you will choose him.


P.S.- Coco, we can always make this a double date!


Dear Kitty:

I would be so honored if you would choose me for your date. I have been saving my monies for a special occasion and I think this fits the bill.

I have a fun filled day packed with lots of ideas. So pack your bags and prepare for a good time! Here's what I have planned for us....

  • First I would fly you out here to California. The weather is cool, and so am I.
  • After your long flight I'm sure you'll be hungry, so we'll head over to the Wharf in Monterey for a delcious lunch. (I'm not old enough to drive yet, so I've arranged for us to have our very own chauffeur. Pay no attention if she calls herself Mom.)
  • After we've gotten to know each other a little better, we'll head over to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It's a big tourist spot.

There are so many pawesome things to see...



...and Penguins!

  • Then if you were up for it, I thought we could go for a walk, Leash-by-Leash, on the beach.

  • Our driver can then take us back to my place for a snoopervised visit of course. After all, I am a gentledog. I know "Love's Ruff" and this would be our first date, so I'm only expecting friendship.

  • Kitty, what's a date without a movie? I have a variety of movies for you to choose from. What do you like? Comedy, Romantic, or some Pg13-type-scary?

  • And last, but definitely not least, before you head back, I have not forgotten the best part of any date... Dessert!

I hope you like my idea of a perfect date and hope you choose me!
I only have one last question for you Kitty... Will You Be My Valentine?

Lots of Licks,


  1. If Kitty won't be your mom said SHE would! She's all SWOONING over here and being embarrassing!

    Good luck with Kitty!!!! I hope Coco takes Swisher up on his offer too! They would make quite an attractive couple!!!!


  2. I just know Kitty will say yes! You two make a very handsome couple!!

  3. Oh Oakley! You are such a handsome little gentleman and I think this date sounds AMAZING!!!!

  4. Awwww, HAIL, bud.

    You've gone an' shown ALL of us up!

    Crapola. Looks like I'm gonna be spendin' another V day at the MCL with O'Mally.

  5. Oakley, Kitty would be a fool not to pick you as her Valentine!!!! She would be such a lucky girl!!!



  6. Awwww sooo cute!!! We vote that she picks you!!! What a gentledog!!!

    Oakley, I have to tell you that you have certainly set the bar high! Swisher is such a good brother to enter you. You look so handsome in your bow tie. You also get major points for making a post especially for Kitty.

    Stay tuned tomorrow (I'm sworn to secrecy).


  8. Awwww you two would be so cute together!!!

  9. Oh Oakley, you are the perfect Valentine!! Kitty better choose you because if not, there is going to be a line of girlies waiting for you!
    PS- We like that you are DTS! BOL BOL That is too funny!