Monday, July 4, 2011

"I was out in the bay bay bay bay bay....

...Just chillin' out in the, bay bay bay bay bay..."

But our vacation was cut short 'cause Swisher's a big ol' cry, bay bay bay bay bay. It woulda been an appropriate song to sing, and it woulda been a great vacation to tell you all about, but it didn't quite go as planned. (Even tho the trip was cut short, this might end up being a long post. Beware.)

Let me tell you how it went... So last friday, Mom packed our suitcases, backpacks, snackpacks, and carriers and said Aunt V was coming to pick us all up and we were heading to San Francisco for the weekend. We were so excited. A whole weekend in a new city. Loaded the car up, and we were off.

We're coming into the city... drive to our hotel. A PET friendly hotel. We've never stayed at a hotel before. So we were looking forward to it. We got into the city a little earlier than expected, and check-in wasn't for another hour, so we made a detour to find somewhere we could walk and stretch our legs.

We found this cool bike trail. Perfect for a stroll right by the water...

... and near by the San Francisco International Airport.
I think the planes are landing on the water!

The weather was warm and perfect! It was a nice area. They had benches, and picnic tables, and spots for BBQs.

It sure is nice over here. I'm loving this vacation already!

Swisher was being a wise guy and started a game of 'hide-n-seek'.
How'd you get over there? I can totally see you!

We did some more exploring and found a near by Dog Park, completely by chance.
A park, just for dogs?! SO pawesome!

We did our sniffin' and smellin' about...
...and then we headed to our hotel...

...La Quinta Inn.
(Oops. Human finger smudge.)

Our room wasn't quite ready, so we waited in the courtyard area.

We were totally eyeing the pool. I think I was a little scared, but I'll just say Mom didn't let us go in. Bol.
The wait for our room was taking a lot longer than expected, and I saw some lady pass by with a big cart full of towels, so I asked...

..."Excuse me Ma'am, do you happen to know how much longer until our room will be ready?" She was very nice and she said.."I just finished up in your room, and it is ready now. You're welcome to go inside." HOT DOG! "Thank you!"

This was going to be our house for the new few days!
There was plenty of room. It had a huge-mongous bed. A big TV. A desk. A dinning table- which was kind of high and out of mine and Swish's reach, not cool. A full kitchen stocked with a fridge, stove, oven, microwave, coffee maker, and dishwasher. Not like I was going to be using any of that stuff, but Mom and Aunt V seemed pretty jazzed about it.

After all the unloading of the car and unpacking and settling and such, we made ourselves right at home. This bed is SO much bigger than the ottoman we like to take over at home. Bol. So much room.

There was even room for a few rounds of fetch and chase!

So the evening was winding down. Some grocery shopping was done. Dinner had been eaten. TV had been watched. Bones had been chewed. Naps had been taken. Relaxation was in progress. Everything was okay so far. Mom and Aunt V had tickets that night, so they got ready. They said their goodbye's to us, said they'd see us later. For us to be good boys, and rest up 'cause tomorrow we were going to explore the city. We got put in our carriers with our blankets and snuggle toys and they left. ::door shuts:: ::cue crying dog on repeat:: ::crying does not stop. crying gets louder::

Mom thought something was wrong. She walks back in. Checks on us. We're fine. ::attempt number 2:: ::cue crying dog on repeat:: ::does not stop. gets even LOUDER::

Mom now needed to decide what to do with us. Or with Swisher I should say. I was fine. I had no problem. This was not our first time in our carriers. We're in them often. We never have any problems. Mom couldn't risk just leaving us, while Swisher was crying and howling up a storm. She feared other people would complain, or the hotel might ask us to leave. So she was in a bind. We're really good dogs, I pawmise.

Fast forward 2 hours, and numerous calls Mom made to local vets and boarding places. No luck. She was just about to give up. Her last option was to drive us all the way back home and leave us with a dog-sitter...2 hours away! Mom was at the end of her rope. She called a friend, and luckily he was available. So Mom and Aunt V, put our things back in the car, and unfortunately drove us back home.

Bye Bay Area. ::waves paw::
This is the Bay Bridge.

I'm guessing my brother was just not comfortable in the new place. He didn't want to be in the room without Mom. So the next best thing was to bring us back to familiar surroundings. So that was a bummer. Mine and Swisher's mini vacation was cut short. We stayed home the rest of the weekend with Carlos. He's a cool guy. Usually I sleep in my crate when I'm home, but he said he felt bad 'locking up an animal', so he let me loose all weekend. I like that guy.

Mom and Aunt V, dropped us off and drove RIGHT back to SF. Luckily they made it in time to whatever it was they were going to see. They were sad we didn't get to stay with them for the weekend and they missed us like, super a lot.. so they came back a day early. We missed them too!

On a lighter note... Mom's boss lady brought us these way cool Pet Leis back from Hawaii!

We wore them with our Red White and Blue shirts to get ready for tomorrow.

We want to wish everyone a very HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!
Have fun. Eat lots of BBQ. Be safe and enjoy the fireworks.
We'll be barking at them. Bol.

Lots of Licks,
Oakley and Swisher


  1. The leis are so cute, that was so nice of Mom's boss-lady! Even though your visit to SF was short, looks like you had at least a little fun! Happy 4th!


  2. wow what a great holiday up until you waved goodbye at the end of the day. Too bads for the hotel issue. Maybe next times. Mum says when I go to hotels I can't be left alone cuz I do the same things. Someone has to be with me all the times. Whatever is just cuz we luv luv luv our mommas!!!!!


  3. Hey bay bay bayy, you guys look like you are having a great time. Our cousins live in that Burlig game.
    Happee 4th!
    Benny & Lily

  4. Oh that was quite the adventure! I am sorry Oakley didn't like being alone in the hotel. But at least you can say you got to go to a hotel now BOL!
    Happy 4th furiends! Those pet lei's are pawesome!

  5. I'm kinda like you Swish. I panic when my mom leaves me in an unfamiliar place. But I do think you would have gotten to really enjoy the hotel room. Maybe another time?

  6. Yikes! We have never stayed in a hotel room before, but I can understand being skeered with strange noises and stuff. Just think if a cleaning lady ran the vacuum!!! Oh man, that would make us go nuts.
    Oak..Maybe you and I could go and leave the babies at home? Just sayin (with human supervision of course).
    Better luck next time. You have a good mommy for sure.

    Kitty and Coco