Saturday, May 11, 2013

Swisher's Lucky #7

Hi everyblogger...

Monday was my birthday. I turned the big lucky numero 7! I sure don't feel 7. Ok maybe sometimes I feel 7. Like at the dog walk last weekend. But other than that, I'm a very young 7. I wanted to share with everyone how my Lucky #7 birthday went. I guess I better learn how to surf because my birthday celebrating came in waves.

First wave: Bark Box.

Mom ordered us a Bark Box! We had seen some of our other fur pals get Bark Boxes too and we begged and pleaded and finally Mom ordered us one without telling us. And luckily for me, it came the week before my birthday. So Mom said that was my birthday present. I don't see how it's my birthday present when I have to share with my brother, but I'm not picky.

 It came with all kinds of pawesome stuff! Check it out!

 A rope toy.

 A crunchy duck chew.

 Mom let us try that right away.

 A stuffed bone.

Some dehydrated duck treats.

 A grooming mitt, liquid vitamins, and coupons.
This bark box came with some pretty cool items. And it's not the only one we're getting. Mom signed up for a 3 month subscription. So that means we're still going to be able to get two more boxes. We get one a month. You're able to sign up for different size boxes; for small, medium or large dogs. Mom got us the medium size box.

Second wave: My Birth-DAY.

Aunt V came over with presents and ingredients to make me a cake! Like a real dog cake! So while the cake was baking, we opened presents.

She got me a card and two stuffies.

And a doggy balloon. 
(Note to balloon designing people: You guys need Pug, and Boston T, balloons. If you need a model, call me.)

Mom kinda felt bad about the whole having to share the Bark Box with Oakley for my birthday, she bought me this corduroy zebra just for me.

After presents it was time for dinner. Typically we have pizza parties for our birthdays, but we had pizza a couple days prior to my birthday so we went with something a little different this year. We got KFC for dinner instead and ordered boneless chicken bites.

After dinner it was time for cake. This is the cake Aunt V made me. Doesn't it look delicious? It's got peanut butter as frosting and bacon bits as sprinkles. It made the whole house smell SO GOOD!

Mom and Aunt V sang Happy Birthday to me.
Oakley hid from the fire. Bol.

After they sang to me, we had cake. Well me and Oak had cake. Oak was being super picky and wasn't sure about wanting cake, so I started to eat his cake. And then he got a sad face because I ate his cake, so then Mom gave him some more.

Oakley: And while Swisher sits in the kitchen for hours, waiting for Mom or Aunt V to give him more cake, I'm hoarding all the toys he got for his birthday. Bol.

Third wave: Birthday leftover breakfast

Remember the food strike ordeal? Well there wasn't any of that the next day. We got left over birthday cake mixed in with our kibble the next day. Peanut butter and bacon bits galore!

I had a great birthday. I can't wait for next year!

Lots of licks,

pee.s. sorry for the long post.


  1. Oh my gosh- your birthday was fantastic! What fun - all those goodies and yummys. Sometimes its fun to stretch things out- so the good times last longer.
    Happy Birthdays,