Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bark Box #3

Our third and final Bark Box came. Alright let's see what sort of things this bad boy has.

It all smells tasty.

First out of the box, we got some Puptato Chips. Sweet potato flavor. We love sweet potato fries and we love potato chips. These are right up our alley!

What's some chips without some... BEER! Some Bowser Beer. Beef flavor, and non alcoholic of course. This is different. We've never had anything like this before.

 Some Calm K9 nutri-waffers.
 Calm? Ok that must mean these are for Swisher right Mom? -Oak

Side note: Later Mom tried to give Swisher a waffer, and he musta been able to smell or taste the medicine, so he spit it out. So Mom got sneaky and put peanut butter on it, and he ate it right up. Swisher slept like a rock that night. Bol.

We also got some Tail Mix. Don't worry, it's not a bag of tails. They're actually grilled sirloin burger treats! Yes. You read right. Burgers! Who ever came up with making burgers as treats is a GENIUS! 
Check out this big huge bone we got. It's called Butchers Block Bone, The Champ. Because only dogs who have champion like tongue skills can tear up this bone.

We went outside to try some because Mom didn't want us making a mess in the house. 

Apparently we don't have such champion like licking skills as we thought. Bol. Aunt V decided to help us hold it so we could get all the yummy goodness inside. 

 We took turns.
Swisher was all about the inside, he forgot how tasty the outside is too. Taste like BBQ.

Aunt V brought out the dog beer for us to try, but we were too busy to notice and kept licking the ground for left over Butchers Bone...

...but as soon as she started to pour it, we were all about it. Swisher didn't even wait until it was in the bowl. He was drinking it straight out of the bottle like a beer fountain.
 Ahhhh. Refreshing! 

I licked until the last drop. That was so good. Even though the bottle says we can use it on top of our dry food for flavor..I think I can drink that whole bottle by itself.

Oak: Where can I get a 6 pack of this stuff? Do they sell this at the lick-or store? 

Swish: No. They don't. That's for humans only.

Oak: I think I'm feeling warm and fuzzy.

Swish: Relax, there isn't any alcohol in it.

We had fun getting these Bark Boxes in the mail. We always liked to see what cool toys and yummy treats they have inside. We hope Mom places another order soon. Maybe I can ask in August for my birthday. 

Lots of licks,
Oakley... and Swisher


  1. oh gosh- look at all that nummy stuff!
    It looks to me like your enjoying it all!

  2. Those are the coolest! We got to tell mom to get them for us
    Benny & Lily

  3. Wow you got lots of good stuff in the box.

    xo Cinnamon

  4. Holy Dogs, you got beer and everything!!!

    Loveys Sasha