Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Oakley!

Today is my 5th birthday! 

Yesterday we celebrated. And the only reason I don't look happy about it is because Mom is making me take a picture with this ridogulous hat. I really despise this hat. It's pretty famous. Mom saves it for us every year. I've only been able to dodge it a couple of times. But after the dreaded hat pic was taken, it was party time!

I pretty much did whatever I wanted to all day yesterday. It was pawesome.
See, Mom didn't even yell at me when I took out all my toys from the toy box.

Aunt V came over, and I asked if I could pawlease open my presents. Mom said yes.

 First present is from Mom and Swisher. They gave me a card.

 A glow in the dark, super cool looking, soccer ball. I love balls!

And a bird stuffie. 
 Oh I can't wait to tear him up! You have no idea what's in store for you Mister Birdman.

Mom also got me a Costco size box of peanut butter bone treats! These are some of my favorites!

Aunt V's present was next. 

She also got me a card. Check out the dog on the cover. Bol.
 I'm definitely more handsomer than that guy.

Aunt V got me this blue pig stuffie. Cool! Everytime you squeeze it, it snorts like a pig. Kinda sounds like my brother Swisher. Bol.

Omd and she got me two bacon flavored Chew'n bones. The blue one is for me. The green one is for Swisher. 

And what's a birthday party around here without some PIZZA! Pizza treats! We haven't had these in a long time. 

I couldn't wait to play with my new soccer ball. So while Mom said she was cooking us something special to eat, I kicked and chased and bit and licked my soccer ball to no end...

 ...while Swisher decided to love my new oinking pig in his bed. 

Check out what Mom is making us in the kitchen!

Mini cheeseburgers. And Mac and Cheese!

Mom got our party plates out, and we dug in!

Omd I'm so stuffed. Peanut butter bones, pizza treats, mini cheeseburgers, mac and cheese, plus breakfast... all that is left to do is to take a giant nap.

Wow, turning 5 was pawesome! I had a great birthday. I can't wait until next year.

Lots of licks,


  1. Happy Birthday Oakley!
    I wish you the best birthday ever!
    You got some very nice prezzies and good treats to eat too! You got to eat all of my favorite foods.
    And that photo of you with the hat on - is so cute! Happy Birthday!
    Swisher is enjoying your birthday- as much as you are!

  2. Happy 5th Birthday, Oakley! It looks like you had the best birthday ... pressies AND cheeseburgers AND mac 'n cheese!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Libety & Whitney

  3. Happy Birthday, that looked like a fine fine party to me, wowzer hamburgers and mac.....and presents!!!
    stella rose

  4. Happy Birthday sweet Oakley! Look at all those goodies
    Benny & Lily

  5. Happy Birthday!! You did great with pressies and goodies and that is pawsome.

    Loveys Sasha