Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our Furriend Sofia's Chewy Review

Hey Evfurrybuddy!

This blog post is way over due, but that is totally one of our secretaries fault. If you have read our blog for awhile, you may know that we get to spend a lot of our time at our Mom's work. Over the summer they lost their cat of many years. They decided to help heal their hearts and get a new kitten from the SPCA. We would like to introduce you to our new pal Sofia. 

She is an indoor kitten and if she sees us through the door, this is usually the hissy face she makes at us. BOL. 
 Ewww boys that drool!

She loves our Mom though, and Mom loves her. As you know we do reviews for Chewy (link). And we've reviewed a couple of Orijen items for doggies. Well when Mom received an email about a new Orijen cat treat up for review, she asked if we could have Sofia try it. Mom was used to her bosses other cat who ate anything and everything they put in front of her, but Sofia is SUPER picky about treats and food. So we figured she'd be a good subject for this review. We asked if she wanted to help us out and she jumped at the idea!

This is not only a new product for Chewy, but for Orijen as well. Orijen wanted these treats to remain true to their mission: 100% meat, 100% fresh ingredients, Freeze-Dried to preserve taste and amazing palatability in 5 great flavors.  

Pictured is a sample bag of the Orijen Original Freeze-Dried Cat Treats (link). The treats come in a 1.25 oz bag and range from $5.49-5.99. Not bad for over 100 cat treats. 

She loved them! We have a few bags of treats that she's never even been tempted to try, not even one treat we've tried to feed her. But as soon as she got a whiff of these Orijen treats, she kept looking for more! We don't know a lot about Cats, but we know treats and these have got to be delicious if Sofia liked them. So straight from Sofia, kisses to Orijen and Chewy for a great Cat treat! 

Licks and Purrs,

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  1. Your new pal Sofia is soooo pretty. And how very kind of you to welcome her into your home!
    I know she will be so happy with you,, and she will love all the treats too!