Monday, February 10, 2014

Swisher got Ouchies

Hi pals,

Swish here today... This is my asking-for-good-thoughts-and-good-juju-face because I have ouchies. The other day I jumped up onto Mom's bed and the comforter slipped and I sorta slipped with it and I yelped really loud. It scared Mom, and myself as well. Mom came to pick me up and check me out to see what the problem was, but I was fine in her arms. As soon as she tried to set me down, on the bed or the floor, I would cry. Something was hurting.

So Mom called Aunt V and they took me to the Vet.
Hi Doc. My name is Swisher 'Wild Child' Sandoval. Don't take the nickname lightly.

So the Doc examined me. Checked my heartbeat, breathing, my teeth, my gums, my front legs, my hind legs, all four paws, and even took my temperature (You know how fun that was! Not!) Couldn't find anything wrong. He didn't feel any breaks, and I didn't whine or whimper or cry during the examination either. The Doc said because my adrenaline was high right now, I probably wasn't feeling the pain much. And it could possibly be a 'soft tissue injury'. He said he would prescribe me some anti-inflammatory and pain medication for later and hopefully that will help. And since we were behind on our shots, Mom suggested we do those now since we were here. But last time I got my shots, I had a bad reaction to it and my face swelled up and it turned red. So Doc said he could give me a Benadryl shot first. He took me to the back, and when we came back, he said I did very well. So Aunt V gave me some treats.

And some water, due to my breathing was being a little cray cray because I was all hyped up from this vet visit.

After about 5-10 minutes, I think the Benadryl started to kick in because I started to calm down and relax, and that also made me feel my ouchies a little more. I didn't wanna jump onto bench again or put too much pressure on my hind legs. Even sitting was a little uncomfortable.
 Where is this doctor at? Let's get these other shots over with.

The Dr came back and gave me 2 more shots, that I took like a champ! I guess it pays to have a little extra weight on, those shots barely hurt at all. Although the Dr did say I should go on a diet. But I say diet-shmiet. BOL.

And guess what? Aunt V works at a Vet Lab, and she has Oakley and I under her file, so she gets discounts on pet visits. Saved Mom some moolah. Thanks Aunt V!

Mom ended up taking the rest of the day off from work so she could make sure I reacted okay to the shots. We got home and Mom gave me medicine and took real good care of me. I was a little fussy at first. Was uncomfortable and sometimes a little whiny when my ouchies would hurt me. But after a while, and when my medicine started to kick it, I finally got some rest.

I have to take medicines for a few days. And hopefully whatever my ouchie is, will heal on its own. I know I'll be okay, but good thoughts are always appreciated. Oakley is bummed because we can't play or run around. So he's bored out of his mind. Wait until he hears Mom is planning on taking him to the Vet next week for his shots.
::half asleep:: My what?!

Lots of licks,


  1. We are sending lots of potp your way!
    stella rose

  2. I hope your ouchies go away soon. I kinda did something like that a week or so ago but it went away within 10 minutes. They sure hurt at the time, though!
    Love Noodles

  3. Swisher, I know that owieeee boo boo's are no fun and they hurt! I will keep my paws crossed for you to get better soon. Be sure to take the medicines like your supposed to. and get lots of rest.
    I will send magic healing bubbles to you too.

  4. Hi Swisher!

    We hope you are feeling much better now.
    We will be sending sexy vibes your way!

    -Dana, Daisy & Bruce

  5. Oh my poor dear Swisher!! I'm so sorry the comforter hurted you. Yowch! I usually don't have many issues with shots, but Diva Kitty does, and it makes Mom very nervous any time she has to get one. Thank Dogness you got the Benadryl ahead of time and your Mom could stay home with you. I send you tons of healing smooches.
    On a related note, I had to get a dental this morning and ended up with the back top two big teeth extracted. I am NOT feeling well. Slobbered blood all over the place on the way home. Yuck. Mom fixed me some mac and cheese for dinner. I feel better now.

    Feel better!

  6. Ouch! Hope you are all better by now! Will you use doggy stairs? Mom got us some taller ones to use on the big bed. If not, we do jump up and down. One day, we'll be in the same boat as you.
    And awesome that your mom saved so much money at the vet! Our last visit was in the four digits. Ugh.