Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mom's "That's Ridiculous" entry-

Hi everyone so this post is going to be our mom’s entry for Brutus’ contest. We don’t think anything mom does for us is ridiculous but not everyone agrees. We will let mom post now, hope everyone is doing well.

"That's Ridiculous"

1. Each entry should consist of two things: a photo (or photos) as well as a short story (a few sentences) to explain what it is that you do, and perhaps why you do it.

2. Your contest entry is a post on your blog. Please include our "That's Ridiculous" button and link to this post/our blog. It would be helpful (but not mandatory) to also post the button on your blog to help spread the word (it certainly can't hurt your chances of winning, wink, wink)! The more the merrier!! Oh, and if you don't have a blog, you can still play - just email your entry.

3. Once you have posted your entry, just let us know we need to come & get it! You may comment on our post to notify us, or if you would prefer (or don't have a blog), you can email the notice and/or the entry to hrnchardds@yahoo.com.

4. We will accept submissions until 12:00 EDT on Friday, October 16th. One entry per dog, please (for those of you with packs, each dog can have their own entry, or submit one entry as a group - humans' choice!).

Thanks boys, ok I do a lot for these little guys but I don’t think I really go overboard, well not much lol. If you ask my family they might disagree, they think everything I do is ridiculous. I usually don’t get much grief from people they all pretty much know how I feel about these little guys. But there is one thing I have been getting grief about lately so that is they only thing I could come up with for this post.

After reading all our blog buddies blogs I saw on Joe Stains blog that he has a dog sleeping bag. I thought it was the most adorable thing ever. He looks so cute and comfortable in it, I started looking on ebay to get my boys one. I told one of my friends that I was looking to get one for Oakley and I immediately started getting grief. First of all because we live on the Central Coast of California (near Monterey) so it never really gets extremely cold. Although I think it does get cold enough. She argued that they have tons of blankets, which they do, and that they didn’t really have use for a sleeping bag. She also argued that I couldn't just say I was getting it for Oakley, if I was getting one for him why not Swisher? I think I could find human size sleeping bags for cheaper than doggy one’s but that didn’t deter me either. So in the end, whether they needed them or not....


  1. OMD!!!! Bilbo would LOVE one of those....

    Great story!!!

  2. Oh, man! Whut I wouldn't give fer a sleepin' bag!!!

  3. Hi Oakley & Swisher's mom! Don't listen to all the people who say you do too much for your boys. Us boys need our peeps and their love.

    Love the sleeping! The boys look so comfy in it and I know it will keep them nice and warm. It gets super cold here in Chicago so maybe I will have Mom buy one for me.

    Stubby xoxo

  4. momma said that is a good one... she better start thinkin!
    Benny & Lily

  5. That is so cute!!

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  6. Thats looks sooo....comfy. I am all about comfort and would love a sleeping bag!! I have several soft blankies but that looks the best.

    Plus you guys make complete the pic!!


  7. omdog the sleeping bags are the BEST. I live in the doggone desert in AZ and I have to have my sleeping bag, I cannot do cold weather at all. Kudos to your Mom for getting you one, you will love it. And our Mom says the best thing is they survive many washings very well. As if we are dirty or smelly or something.

  8. after reading this we have to put on our thinking caps...


  9. Paisley was looking over my shoulder, now I have to find her a sleeping bag. She loves to be comfy and burrow.

  10. hahaha Omg Indy would love one of those... Gus would too!! hahaha

  11. Hi Guys!

    Everything we do is ridiculous! Haven't you noticed? We luv your red plaid blankie! You two are sooo adorable!

    Luv ya,

    Riley and Star.

  12. Hi Boys!

    Looks like everyone is loving your sleeping bags. Including me! You guys look so comfortable in them. Ya ya I gave ur mom grief but it's all in good fun. :oP But Swish I got ur back. U got hooked up too! =)

    Enjoy them boys. They're going to come in handy in the winter season.

  13. That's fantastic!! Love the sleeping bag idea!!
    Consider yourself entered in the contest, I'll post all entries (that would be 4) soon - might extend the deadline a little to see if I can get a few more people to play :)

    Thanks for entering!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  14. Oakley and Swisher
    Thank you for stopping by our bloggie
    What a wonderful story.
    I love that sleeping bag and think it is a cool idea. You never know when you may throw it over your shoulder and need it for hiking- ya know!

  15. Hi guys! Love the sleeping bag! I think I need one too, but maybe a little lighter since it is not that cold in here. But I definitely need one!