Sunday, October 25, 2009


It's that time of year, Pumpkin time.....mmmm pie! Unfortunately this post isn't about pie though, it's about Halloween decorations. We don't understand humans and this whole pumpkin business but Mom seems to like it. Her and our Aunt V went and got some pumpkins, but we had to stay home. Mom said she wanted to take us but the pumpkin place had a sign that said no rude! Mom bought 3 pumpkins to decorate. She took the easy way out and got these things called 'Pumpkin Push-ins' because she suc...errr..isn't very good at carving.

These our Mom's pumpkins

After Mom finished her pumpkins she tried to get us to pose with them, but that was soooo not working out. This is us sort of posing with the weird looking pumpkins.

So where as our mom is not very creative our aunt V did a really good job with her pumpkin. She also showed her love for us doggies by putting a paw as one of the pumpkin's eyes.

What do you dogs think?

We think she did a good job, it is on our doorstep by moms pumpkins and we like to lick them and keep them clean, and pretend we are eating pumpkin pie.

On an un-pumpkin related note now that the World Series teams are set we had to find mom's Phillies hat. Go Phillies!

Wishin' everyone a great week.

Lots of Licks--
Swisher and Oakley


  1. My Mom is nutty for Halloween. I love the pumpkins that are decorated. I don't much care for Halloween. Do you have to wear costumes? Try not to let the little monsters take all of your food away on Halloween.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  2. OOOHH what a cool idea! It's like Mr. Potato Head for pumpkins!!!

    You asked what mom made....she made some "healthy" no sugar/low fat pumpkin cookies for herself and then a pumpkin spice cake for a friend and pumpkin muffins for Will and Lizz (her stepkids) to take home.

    Our house smells YUMMY!

    Congrats to your Phillies! We quit watching after the Tigers got beat!

    Happy Monday!


  3. We LOVE auntie's pumpkin. It's kinda scary but in a funny way that won't give us nightmares! Mom got pumpkin push-in for #2 since she thought a 9 yr old + sharp kinfe was maybe a bad combo. Yours came out very funny! We'll be posting her version soon.

    Gen & the Foo

  4. OH what great pumpkins!! I don't blame you for not wanting to get too close in the pictures....they are kinda scary! We love the one with the paw eye! So cool all lit up! Nice work!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  5. Hi Oakley and Swisher.
    Yah I dont get this pumpkin stuff either. We have 5 at our house AHHHhhhhhh

    Those pieces were pretty scaRY, i DONT blame you for not wanting to pose with them. The paw was pretty cool I must admit, not so bad and it looks cool lit up, My mom is carving a scottie into our pumpkin so I will post it and I am sure I will HAVE to pose with it. Plus my costume is done and I have had it on already.


  6. That is a great way to decorate pumpkins, our Mom totally needs that! (The one she had has molded already and she did toss it this time!).

  7. Hi Oakley & Swisher! I don't blame you for not wanting to pose with those scarry looking pumpkins.

    Your mom and aunt did a great job with their pumpkins. The push-ins are very cool and fool proof, but nothing beats carving.

    Stubby xoxo

  8. Your mom and auntie are very talented! Both punkins are great!

  9. O n' S, I like them Mr. Potato Head punkins'!

  10. Those humans are having way to much fun with their great pumpkins
    Benny & Lily

  11. Those pumpkin faces are DYNAMITE! I love them.
    They looked like LOTS of fun. You never know what is going to jump out of those pumpkins besides pumpkin guts- so it is okay to be cautious.
    You had a lot of fun- we can tell!
    And the candle in the dark looks sooooo cool!

  12. You got some scary pumpkins there! Pumpkin tastes real good...thats really the only good thing about pumpkins for doggies BOL... you better be careful though or your humans may sit you in one and try to take pictures! Not fun!!!!

  13. Hi Oakley and Swisher - We noticed from another blog that you guys are in Monterey. We're just south of you in Morro Bay!

    Great pumpkins. We'd have some ourselves if Gunther didn't bark at them constantly.

  14. Those are some pretty cool pumpkins!!! Very nice of you to keep them clean and lookin' good until Halloween!!


  15. I love halloween!! I used to buy the mini pumpkins to keep in the house (uncarved, just as decoration) and Indy would freak out at them lol.

    I think those push in things are pretty cool but you Aunt V has some mad carving skills... will she come carve my pumpkin?

  16. Those are some cool pumkins, I love the paw as an eye! :)

    Manda x

  17. Hi Oakley and Swisher! Your mom's pumpkins kinda look like that Mr. Potato Head toy! Heeeeee! But yeah, I shouldn't talk because I'm pumpkin-carving challengened too! I like the doggie paw eye on your aunt's pumpkin! :)

  18. Hi Boys!

    Oh don't let those scary pumpkins scare you. It's all in good fun. I bet if we had pumpkin treats to give you, you'd be all about that. =) But thanks for keepin the pumpkins clean. You guys are so thoughtful! I hope you guys will be good watch dogs on Halloween and make sure no trick-or-treaters steal them. They're for you guys! Protect boys!

    I had alot of fun carving the pumpkin w u guys. I'm glad u and all ur friends liked it. =)

    aunt V

  19. What adorable pumpkins! I wish I would of found the push-ins. Looked for something of the same, couldn't find it.

  20. Your Aunt V did a SUPERB job on the pumpkin!!! BRAVO it is so creative and pretty!

  21. pumpkin is our most favorite thing to eat in the WORLD and it is so good for us dogs!! We can't agree with your Phillies hat, but thats ok, we still think you guys are pawesome.