Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pizza and WINGS!!! Birthday Post

Hey everybody Swisher here, today is my birthday!! I am now 4 years old!! I can hardly believe it, time just seems to fly by. It seems like just yesterday I was a tiny little guy new to the world.

And now I am a big boy. Getting my party on with this dorky birthday hat mom always makes us wear.

Mom said we could do presents first. YAY. This card I got from my Mom and brother...

this card I got from my auntie V...

I got treats!!! Yummmm.

Mom and Oakley also bought me an Oakland A's mat for my water and food bowls. And an AmigoTrio pack of toys.

My aunt V got me a collar that says Bad to the Bone, my brother got one too even though its not his birthday.

This is me happy after opening my gifts.

Then it was time to eat. Mom said I could choose whatever I wanted to eat for my party and I choose pizza and wings. I wanted to chomp on wings like the Sharks are doing to those Detroit Red Wings. NOM NOM NOM.

We got pizza, and not just crust like we normally do. Mom also got us some cool party plates to eat off of.

Delicious, I wish it could be my birthday everyday!

Oh and we had dessert too!! Mom went to my favorite store Pet Food Express and got me pizza and soda pup cookies.

I am stuffed and tired from all the partying. I'm going to rest up before the hockey game starts because I have a lot of cheering to do. Hope everyone else is having a great day.

Lots of Licks,


  1. Wow Swisher! You had one great day. Happy birfdays!!!! We like you A's nice of everyone to get you such pawsome gifts. Hope there is pizza leftovers for a midnight birfday snack!

    Pug Hugs,
    Tuni and Sequoia

  2. HaPpY BirFdaY SWISHER!!

    It's Josie, Izzy, and Anakin here to wish you a wonderful day!! You looks like your doing wells for yourself! Lots of cards, gifts, and oh looks at all those treats!! Lucky man!!
    Have a great Day! Good lucky on your team!

    (Sorry Sal if your reading...but it's his b-day)

    Your new pugga friends

  3. oh's pee-s...

    you were such a cute puppy!!!

    (but you still are cute dude nows)...

  4. Swish, buddy! Happy b-day from me an' Molly!!!

    Looks like ya made out like a thief! :)

    Pee S: You were one darn cute pupster I tell ya what!

  5. Hi Swisher! Happy 4th birthday! What a little guy you were all those years ago.

    That's so cool that your peeps threw a little party for you. Chicken wings and pizza are two of my favorite foods. Hmmm. I might just ask for them for my birthday which is next week.

    Good luck to your Sharks tonight!

    Stubby xoxo

  6. What a pawesome birthday Swisher...Presents nummies AND a game!!!

    A very Happy Birthday to YOU!!

  7. OMD! You were a crazy cute puppy!

  8. Happy Birthday Dude!!!! OMG, you were the CUTEST little puppy!!!

    Mom doesn't have much more to say because her throat is so sore from cheering for the spankin' the Wings gave to the Sharks tonight. She's a die hard until the bitter end!!!!


  9. Happy Birthday Swisher! I think it's awesome that we have the same birthday! How crazy is that!! Bol. It looks like you had an awesome birthday dude! Mmmm, Pizza! Hope you and Oakley have a great week! Love, Arlo.

  10. Happy Birthday Swisher! Looks like you cleaned up for your special day! It's hard to belive you started out sooooo little (and cute!) Wishing you many more!

    Gen & the Foo

  11. Happy Birthday Dude!

    What a cute and tiny baby you were!

  12. Happy Birthday Swisher! That was one heck of a party they threw for you! you are one lucky pup! Those cookies are SO cool! That was nice too that Oakley got a new collar so he didn't feel left out! Looks like a pawesome time for all!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  13. Hey My Swisher!

    I was glad I was able to spend your birthday with you. And I'm even more glad u had a good time. Enjoy your presents. Don't let Oak have all the fun with the amigotrio, get in there and do some work too! ;o) You WERE so cute and so small, but you have grown to be a handsome stud and have grown a special place in my heart.

    lots of love swisher!

    ~tia V

  14. Happy Birthday Swisher!! We just love the puppy photo of you :)

    What great birthday pressies :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  15. Happy Birthday!! :)

    It looks like you got spoiled! Mmm pizza....

  16. oH Swisher

    How did I miss your birthday?
    Well here I am a little late- but still wishing you a belated happy birthday.
    You sure were a cute baby.
    And I think your party looked so fun.

  17. Hey guys! We are a pug and a boston too and new to the blog world. Come on over to our blog and check us out. Happy Birthday! I like your pizza treats. Nom.

    Sigh (Kitty), and Snorts (Coco)