Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wag N' Walk 2010

We hope everyone is having a pawesome weekend. We are spending our Sunday relaxing from yesterday. Yesterday we did the annual SPCA Wag n' Walk. This was our second year and once again it was soooo much fun and we raised $$ for a good cause. Our team was us (Swisher and Oakley) Mom, and our Aunt V. We raised $250 for homeless pets. Mom and Aunt V got some cool shirts and we got a back pack and a bandana, some tennis balls, and lots of treats during the walk.

I kept trying to figure out how to get past this fence and to the beach.

I liked resting on this rock. We took a lot of breaks because I was breathing pretty heavy.

We enjoyed a beautiful view of the ocean.

We saw Super Dog. Cool costume!

When this guy got tired he got to ride in style!

We met some new friends.

She's cute and she gave me a kiss!

These guys looked tough.

One final rest before we headed back to the park.

They gave the human snacks too, my Aunt V shared a chips and a strawberry with me.
There was a small agility course set up and mom took us each over to try it out. She wants to sign Oakley up for agility. Well, Oakley wouldn't do it at all, he was scared of everything. But I did it!!! Mom was soooooo super proud of me.

Even the tunnel she thought no way he won't do it, but I showed her I'm not scared!

We had a great time. We are resting up today and getting ready for Game 2 of the Sharks vs Red Wings. The Sharks won the first game and we are ready to see them win tonight. GO SHARKS!

Lots of Licks,

Swisher and Oakley


  1. Wow boys! What a great walk...we are a little out of shape so I would roll with Tuni in her wagon if we ever gets to do something fun like you guys. Pawsome too that you did all those agility stuffs...we are too scared to do them too!


  2. Hi Boys...

    I had alot of fun at the walk with you guys. I was happy you guys invited me to help raise $$ for a good cause. And Swisher, I'm so proud of u buddy for doing so good on the agility course. I knew you could do it. We need to get your mom to sign you up. :0) Maybe for your BIRTHDAY!! OMD Swish, ur bday is in like 4 days! Wow.. me and u r gonna be the same age this year. ;)

    Anyway, LET'S GO SHARKS! Game 2 fellers! Thx for being my partner Oak.

    C u guys soon.

    ~Aunt V

  3. Hi Oakley & Swisher! Congrats for raising so much money during the Wag 'n Walk! You guys totally rock! Even I would do a walk if it meant treats at the end.

    Swisher, I'm so proud of you for doing that agility stuff. It looks like you had a great time doing it and I know your mom is so happy. There's no way I could ever do it but I like to watch it.

    Stubby xoxo

  4. You guys really rocked, competing in that walk. Way to go. You sure have a pretty ocean too. Swisher- your very competive to enter that agility. Good job!

  5. You guys are pawsome raising $250.00! It looks like a beautiful day to be out walking and waggin' your behind!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  6. Such a fun way to raise money for a good cause!

    Way to go on the agility course Swisher!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  7. What a super fun time you had! Mom says I need a wagon like that Bullydog cause I get pooped so easily!

  8. Very cool!! Bet you guys are exhausted from all that fun.
    Benny & Lily

  9. Oh what a great walk! Good job on raising the money for a good cause! you two are so cute! And Swish......great job on the obstacle course!!

  10. WOAH SWISH!!! So cool that you did the agility course! Great job doing the walk with mom and Auntie too!

    As for the Wings...all we can say/hope is that they're losing games 1 and 2 for the DRAMA of it all and forcing a game 6 and possibly 7 just to keep it interesting! Mom gets all giggly when they play the "Jaws" music and the people in the arena make the big chomps with their arms! HAHAHAAAA

  11. Wow! What a cool event and that VIEW! I tell you what... Oklahoma does NOT look like that! :(

    Good job on those agilities, Swisher! I bet Oakley will get into it sooner or later. Us pugs like to do things on our own agenda. :)

  12. What a fun walk for a very good cause!!


  13. what an awesome walk! :)

    I want to start Gus in agility too, he has the energy for it!!