Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Keaster!

Hey Everyblogger out there...Swisher here at your service...

How was everyone's Keaster weekend? Oh! EASTER weekend. Our weekend was fun. Grandma and Grandpa came to visit. Aunt Nora, Uncle Leonard and cousins Johnathan and Jacob also came to visit. They all went camping, and the best part was WE got to go to the campsite and check it out. Although there wasn't a whole lot of camping going on. They had big long house on wheels. It was pawesome! We love when Grandma comes over, we know three things will happen. 1.There will be food. 2. ...and we will get some! Grandma gave us banana, asparagus, macaroni salad, and salmon, for the first time! But... not all together. Bol. It was really fun, except when Oakley would try to jump into the fire pit to stay warm. Bol....and 3. Presents!

This is our combined Easter Basket.

We got 2 orange dinosaur stuffies from Aunt V. Two other stuffies from Great Grandma Lupita. Mom got us bears and liver heart treats, and I also got a new bed. Mom got a bunch of girly stuff from Grandma, and we both got cards.

This is my new bed.

It's called a Dream Boat Pet Bed. Well 'cause I a dream boat, duh!

I really like my new bed. It's super comfortable.

Aunt V always come through with some good quality stuffies.
Although Oakley will most likely obliterate this one in 3.25 minutes. (later... yup. He did.)

Me, I took mine to my bed... AWAY from Oakley and enjoyed the rest of my Easter.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend.

Lots of Licks,

Pee.S. To Kitty+Coco: we sent you a special something. It should be arriving any day now.


  1. Swisher your new bed looks comfy....Tuni is keep her lil eyes on that...she luvs beds. Sounds like you both had a great weekend!


  2. OMD Swish, we totally have that bed and love it! The best part is that we have washed it countless times and it still looks new.
    Just think..we could have double dates in our matching beds..Sigh.
    Oakley seems to have the same affliction as Kitty of RIPPING apart stuffies within minutes. I'm on the hunt for some really durable ones (if they exist).
    We got our special package and will be posting about it on Friday. Woo hoo!!!! You outdid yourselves I tell you.