Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mail From Our Ladies

Do you see that? Yes, that is mail to US!
From? None other than our favorite ladies of course!

Mom said drop your toys, there is something for you two. With a little help from her, she let us find out our mystery surprise.

Swish had first sniffs at it. He couldn't figure it out.

So I took a turn... ::sniff sniff::

Let's get this open Swish!

Inside was a greeting card addressed to us.
A card? Oh how thoughtful!

The card said they spent hours finding these special signs for us and Coco also had paw-picked this card out especially for Swisher.

This was my attempt to copy the photo Coco. Thanks hun. Bol.

Check out what our girls got us...
Killer Pug and Boston Terrier signs. Super cool!
I'm not sure Swisher gets it tho...he was looking very happy and 'non-killer-ish' in this photo. Totally blowing our cover. Bol.

I on the other paw know how to pose. I have my 'Don't-Mess-With-Me-Or-My-Lady-Kitty' face on.

We told Mom to put them on our refrigerator right away. They go great with our other dog decor.

Thank you so much ladies for thinking of us. You made us feel special. You two are some great gals!

Lots of Protective Pug and Boston Terrier Licks,
Swisher and Oakley

Pee.S. If you click on fridge pic, there's a special message on there for you to read.


  1. You two boys have some special ladies! How cute :)

  2. How sweet of your gals to send you presents!


  3. Wow, nice gals ya got there!

    Way tuh look all killerish, Oak! You got that down pat I tell ya what!

  4. Oh boys, we are so glad you got your pressies. I am just swooning over your serious killer face Oakley! And don't worry Swish, Coco says she likes your smiley pug face best anyway. Hope you two have a great week. We'll let you know if anyone gets fresh with us :)

    Kitty (Your #1 Girl), and Coco (President of the Swisher Fan Club)