Friday, May 11, 2012

Pizza. Presents. Cupcakes. Oh my!

Hey everyone!
So lemme tell you bout my birthday bash last Sunday...

Mom never disappoints. She knows what I love. And what I love is PIZZA! Yeah that's right. That's bacon on there, and loads of it!

 Because I'm worth it. Bol

Even though I turned 6, Mom said no birthday is without the dreaded birthday hat. Luckily Mom said I only had to wear it for the birthday singing. Aunt V bought me a birthday cookie and I made a wish. 

And then I licked the frosting.
OMD so good!

After I stuffed my face with pizza and birthday cookie, it was presents time. First from Mom.

I got a box of poop bags, (yeah not funny Mom) two stuffies, and a hoodie.  

I love this hoodie! They're from Zach and Zoey. Called 'Special Ops' hoodies. Pawesome!

 Mom got Oakley one too.

 Don't we look cool!?

Next was presents from Aunt V. She bought me a card. 
That's right, I am a great nephew!

Treats! Yes!!!
These are bacon and cheese star cookies. First time trying them. Will be a regular in our home now, fur sure!

A little nerf football! Pawesome! Soft enough for me to grip.

Two Shapleez. I don't know what Shapleez are, but I'm PLEEZed either way. Bol
Red for me. Blue for Oakley.

This might sound kinda silly, but Aunt V bought us string cheese.
Cheese is a delicious snack. This was me sharing with Oakley. Bol he looks funny on his two back legs.

Last but, definitely not least, cupcakes!
Confetti cupcakes!

List of eatables today:
1.  Pizza: bacon, sausage, peperoni 
2. Cookie and frosting
3. Bacon and cheese star cookies
4. String cheese
5. Confetti cupcakes

Yeah, I had a PAWESOME birthday!

Thank you so much Mom and Aunt V!

Lots of licks,


  1. Wow, what a day! You both look like you had a fantastic time, many noms and great prezzies!! A belated Happy Birfday!

  2. OMD! That was a GRRRR8 birthday. I am taking notes cuz MY birthday is approaching with the Summer (July 4).
    Happy belated birthday and Love

  3. Oh how I wished I lived in your neighbourhood... what a party that would have been to attend. You got totally spoiled. How fun. Your birthday totally rocked.


  4. Swish that rivals any birthday bash I have ever seen. HOLY SMOKES at the food. Wish I could have been there to sing you happy birthday...sigh. Your Mom has excellent taste in doggy fashion because your hoodies are super cool. Oak doesn't look too thrilled in his, but hey, take on for the team. I want to formally wish my guy a Happy Barkday!!! Your pressies from me are on the way. You can blame Mom for the tardiness.