Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wag n' Walk 2012

This weekend was full of fun times! Saturday we went to the Wag n' Walk. And Sunday was Swisher's Birthday! But instead of making this a super duper long post, we're going to split it into two posts. 

So this past Saturday, we went to the annual Wag n' Walk. This is our 4th Walk in a row we've attended. The event is a 2 or 4 mile walk benefiting the SPCA for Monterey County. This fundraiser helps our SPCA care for more than 5,500 homeless animals each year. When we get there, we get to enjoy a free breakfast and picnic lunch (that Mom and Aunt V usually share with us), while visiting with other walkers and their pets.

You can also visit different sponsor booths, like from Petco, or enter to win prizes and contests and lots of delicious treats. 

This is us hanging out waiting for the walk to start.

Mom gave props to this lady with six dogs. Six! She said she's grateful for Aunt V helping her out with one of us, but she could never handle six dogs. That lady is a professional! Bol.

 And we're off! "Who let the dogs out? Woof-woof-woof!"
(They play that song once the walk starts. Bol.)

We like to wear fun shirts for the walk. Oakley's shirt says 'Got Biscuits?'. Swisher's shirt says 'Better than a Boyfriend.". Bol.

It was a very warm day. So Mom poured a little water on my head and belly to cool me off.

At one of the rest spots, there was a Blue Dog Bakery stand that was giving away snacks and bandannas.


Usually we see a lot of the same pups from previous walks we have done. This time we didn't, but we did finally come across another Boston Terrier. Her name was Penny. Just like Swisher's Moms name. She was a nice gal.

During our walk, we passed this little cove area in Pacific Grove where Harbor Seals like to come and sun bathe. There are big ones and baby ones.  

I was getting super hot in this weather, and having a smushy face and black fur was not working in my favor today, and after Mom took off my shirt to help me cool off, I saw this little guy. He was my hero. He only had 3 legs and he was doing the walk with us. You are pawesome dude!

After the walk, we got our lunch snack bags and chilled in the shade with Mom and Aunt V and rested. It was a great walk. Can't wait until next year.

Lots of licks,
Swisher and Oakley


  1. Don't you just love those walks. Lots of fun and look at all those flat faces, BOL
    Benny & Lily

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  3. This looks like it was lots of fun! And you two were stylin'. I always think its funny that the Bostons seems to recognize another Boston. At least that's the way it seems with our two. Great pictures of a very great day. Ann TBL