Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Surprise Park Day

So last week, Aunt V dog napped me. 

It's not as scary as it sounds though. Turns out Mom said she was going to be a little late coming home, so she asked Aunt V to come hang with me and Swish. It was a nice day, so she said "C'mon Oak, let's go."

 She put me in the back seat of her car without a word.

After a short drive and a very delicious familiar smell...I knew exactly where we were!
 McDonald's! Yes I started crying in the car out of excitement.

 Aunt V was nice and shared her cheeseburger with me.

 And gave me a couple of fries when we finally got to our 2nd stop.

The dog park! OMD! 
It's been a while since we've came because of the weather. 
 Feels so good to run free! And I say free because I had the entire park to myself. 

Then something happened that we don't see a lot of, a Boston Terrier puppy came to the park.
Her Mom was equally excited to see me. She says she's never seen another Boston here before. 

Her name was Jax. She had a lot of energy and was a little fire cracker, but we got along great. Not to mention that she has the same name as my middle name.
We played fetch together. She's pretty fast for a young gal, but I was faster. I was being a gentledog and I would let her get the ball and bring it back. It was time to go, so we said hopefully we get to play again sometime. But I told her don't get any ideas, I already have a girlfriend.

Thanks Aunt V for the fun surprise.
Aunt V said she felt bad that she didn't bring Swish, especially since the park was empty. But keeping her eyes on two dogs can be tough. Next time we'll all go. Hopefully my brother doesn't read this post. He won't mind too much about the dog park, but he's gonna be bummed about McD's. I trust you guys can keep that a secret.

Lots of licks,


  1. Wow Pawsome day Oakley. Your aunt can dognap me any time she wants. I hope Swisher doesn't smell McDonalds on your breath.

    Loveys Sasha

  2. Mc Donalds makes for Good times! Your so lucky you got to go there and to the park too!

  3. That Aunt V is a great gal. I mean seriously, McD's and the dog park? Lucky guy. And thank you for being a one-girl kind of guy Oak. I never doubted you. She was cute though...love the brown bosties! Hopefully you will play again and you can show her the ropes since she is a young pup. Tell Swish hello for Coco (but make sure you got rid of your burger breath or he will be onto you).