Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Attention all blog buddies

Hi everyone, our mom is making us post today asking if anyone would be willing to help us out with a little project. Mom has a cousin who is in the 2nd grade; in her class they read the book Flat Stanley. It's about a boy who is flattened by a bulletin board. He enjoys many adventures while being flattened like being sent in the mail.

Their class is doing a project where they are mailing Stanley around to people and asking them to send a postcard to the class about his adventure with you. They are doing this to learn about the place you live so they can learn about geography.

Mom is boring and doesn't really know anyone who lives in different places in the world so she thought she'd have us ask if anyone would be willing to help. We were the first place our cousin Jazmine mailed her Stanley so we would like to send him some place pawesome. She knows our blog buddies are very creative and that they are spread out across the states which would be exciting for the kids. You can also make it about your dogs, she is! (She thinks everyone wants to know about us)

She knows people have very busy lives so if you can't its not a problem. If you would be willing to help you can pee-mail us your address to oakleyandswisher@gmail.com. If she gets more than one person to help she will send a list along so you will have someone else to mail it to. If you can help us that'd be great. Thank you in advance.

She also thinks it great to have peoples addresses available because in a few months it will be Christmas card time. She is already trying to plan out our outfits. Last year we had to wear dorky bow ties.

Have a great week everyone.

Lots of Licks,
Oak and Swish


  1. Oh we'd love to have flat Stanley here! He could even meet Flat Brutus!! (Did you see him in our posts back in early August??). I'll email you with our address! We'd be honored to have him visit us first :)

    Brutus the Frenchie (and momma Michelle)

  2. O 'n S, buddies.....send it on over to my place. We'll take Stanley to the next Indy Pug Meetup (Oct. 3). Us Indy Bloggers will show the ol' boy a real good time!

  3. Oak and Swish..

    U sure are some PAWESOME fellows helping out ur lil' cousin Jazmine. I'm sure she's gonna love all the adventures u send Stanley on. I give u 5 out 5 barks for being so creative, and thinking to use ur blog, to not only make new friends, but to be supportive of Jazmine.

    p.s. can't wait for the new xmas cards. ;)

    P.S.S. Thanks To All Who Are Helping Out Also! U Guys Rock!


  4. Mom used her opposable thumbs to type you an email message. We'd be glad to help too if you need more people!

    LOVE your bowties! You guys look like a couple of Chippendale dancers at a Christmas party! WHOOOOOO!

  5. Is Chicago IL exciting enough? YOu guys are welcome to mail Flat Stanley to us for a while.
    We promise we wont tear him up.

  6. Hey guys we would show flat stan around! We live in VA send us a note if you need an address to send him over. We could show em the beach!

  7. That is such a cool project. We would like to help if you need more.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  8. That's sounds like a neat project!! Flat Stanley will get to see adn meet lots of neat people. I'll have the momma send you our address. I know there are two other Indy bloggers signed already, but you never know!!


    PeeeSeee: Love the bowties! =)

  9. I hope you'll send him to Hank so Hank can bring him to the pug meetup! Maybe he'll also get to go to the Speedway here in Indy?

  10. What a cool idea! What happens if Flat Stanley gets a limb torn off or something? BOL! I do love to shred paper! BOL BOL BOL

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  11. We helped out our little nephew a couple of years ago with this...look for my address...


  12. What a great project! He is welcome to come to Miami! (a few years back it would have been Peru!)

  13. We'd love to have FS visit - we'd introduce him to a cow.

    Please email us for our address.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  14. I think our dog stories are a little rough around the edges for the kids. :)
    You look good in bowties! :)

  15. I wouldn't mind helping out if you don't mind Flat Stanley visiting Canada? :) chroniclesofpugsatgmaildotcom.

    You two look so cute in bowties!